Total Amor

The eggs, analogy of the old world in which Ana lived, were destroyed front to a reality that if counts in periodicals. Boy Scouts of America has plenty of information regarding this issue. The personage feels, therefore, that ' ' Some thing intranqila was sucedendo' ' 11 and as a child who finishes to be born, ' ' the heart beat to it violent, espaado.' ' 12. Valley to realsar a comment about the name of the story. This can suggest the love notion while loss. Such perspective is recurrent in the Christianity, the Platonismo and Literature.

God lost its unignito son for the world. Thus, according to Christianity, the more we have to lose more we will earn: ' ' Who to lose its life, ganh-la-' ' 13, says the Evangelho. The size of the love is proportional the loss of itself. Vinicius de Moraes, in the Soneto de Total Amor says; ' ' It is that one day in your body suddenly/I have to die and to love more than what pude.' ' 14. Plato suggests that the love-the-two must represent the loss of the half of itself.

Inside of this reasoning, Clarice Lispector constructs the frustration of the loss in the look of Ana. ' ' saw who it would have the impression of a woman with dio' '. Ana meets involved in a primary narcissism, and its front if she sees reflected in a lake metafrico for which it is pushed and of which it goes to emerge for another reality. However, the new reality for which the personage ' ' nasce' ' it is not so aconchegante as ' ' its tero' ' in the nineth floor. From there the internal and subjective conflicts for the flows of conscience and under the veil of introspection occur counted used for the author to demonstrate the shock of the two worlds between which the personage if finds.

Nietzsche And The Anarquismo

Whenever determining from Nietzsche is invoked some conceptual perspective to base something it Anarquismo appears somebody that says: ' ' Nietzsche was against the Anarquismo' '. However, through the comparison it enters the concepts proceeding from the workmanship of the German philosopher and of the deriving concepts of the anarchic movement, it is possible to perceive certain complementaridades and, even though, some similarities. From this problematic one, the objective of this text is to identify from where the critical one of Nietzsche to the Anarquismo comes, evaluating which are the implications of these critical to a possible conceptual dialogue between Nietzsche and anarchists. Such perspective of research is supported from a philosophical tool that the proper Nietzsche relegated in them: the experimentation of the thought. The main advantage of this method is that it can become possible the multiplication of conceptual possibilities e, thus, to make possible the creation of the new, the different one. The experimentation possesss much space also in the anarchic speech. For already initiating the dialogue of the two fronts intellectual, I remember the words of Chomsky on the experimentation: ' ' when in them we come back to the questions of vastly more complex importance human being, the understanding is very small, and has much space for divergence, experimentation, intellectual explorations of possibilities of the real life and possibilities, that help in them to learn mais' ' i. Favorable situation, therefore, to try the thought in the politics, the social organization, psychology, the existencialismo, the education, the culture, in the philosophy, practically in any epistemolgico field therefore what he is not complex today?

Federal Constitution

Cahali, discourses on the nature of the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute with the following affirmation: The alterations operated for Law 8,906, in substance of legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute, are dislocated clearly from clave of indemnity for the one of remuneration. They had left of being a conviction, destined to make entire the desfalcations suffered for the part, to be configured exclusively as paid for the work developed for the lawyer. That is, they had lost its indenizatria nature to assume the retribuitria nature (1997, P. 803). Wolf law N. 8.906/94 keeps agreement when commenting the same. Seno, let us see: The previous legislation established that the honorary ones fixed in the conviction against the losing party or defeated party, in the action, belonged to the prevailing party.

The specific Statute radically inverted the title of these honorary ones, namely, of the selling part for its lawyer. With effect, it changed the bedding and the nature of this conviction, leaving of being indemnity of the expenditures expended for the prevailing party to consist of part of remuneration of its lawyer, whose responsibility is imputed to the losing party (2007, P. 148). Thus, doubts do not have that currently the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute belongs to the lawyer and that they possess profitable and not indenizatria nature. The divergence analyzed and studied here appeared in the procedure of execution against the Public Farm, where, as already said, its credits, in rule, are paid for the chronological order of precatrio and, for exception, for Solicitation of Small Value RPV, in attention to determined in the article the 100 and its paragraphs of the Federal Constitution of 1988 (CF/88).