In Love

The doubt; the eternal enemy in love. The uneasiness of whether she loves you or do not; the anguish of assuming that maybe his heart belongs to another. Quite simply, you fell in with you; at the most unexpected time and without prior notice you descubriste that she is the woman of your life. There you are; vulnerable as a child for fear of not being reciprocated. The absence of it is part of absence of yourself; without it you need only something perhaps exists a step between friendship and love; or simply, perhaps always you were in love in silence.

Lost amid this tongue twister of the heart. A mathematical equation imperfect beating inside of you. Two drifters lost; hungry people each other. In-love-a-two; dancing in the company to the beat of a different story. When you’re young it deceives solitude under the sheets of stories of midnight rubbing the skin but not the soul. Caressing the love from afar; sips of pleasure that leave you sad because none of them is the woman of your life.

None fills you up. Her; your best friend. That which is Hence; that hears you and knows you. That longs for a happy ending. You’re live and love; enjoy it. It is never late to begin to truly love. Today is a great day to say I love you for the first time. Expert in seduction, today, an apprentice in love games. Protagonist of many nights of pleasure; a weekend ritual. Many sensations; few feelings. Short stories that did not exceed the memory of the third day of the week. Meanwhile she was waiting patiently to make you go see her as a friend. He suffered for having you regardless of truth; just like today suffer you to the fear of not being reciprocated. True love; a privilege to those brave people who take the reins of your life and your own destiny. Think about how you’ll feel when you have eighty years and look back with regret of knowing that the train passed by your side but you let him escape. There’s love inside you. Love her; say it. Pride does not make us more human; simply, away us from our own destiny moved by the great domain of cowardice. Paradoxically, we feel helpless and naked inwardly when we share our feelings with the beloved but actually we should feel liberated and happy by having confessed the truth, and that is, ultimately, our greatest victory. Original author and source of the article.