Of Friedrich Nietzsche

Good! If the easiest way to kill the question, is this. And let her die and positivism. Pombo attached information when writing that states that all men were guilty because of Adam, saying: Free, when criminals from the maternal womb and were servants of evil and suffering penitents, and the crime of burning chains others were tied up and sentenced to purge here to Lucifer and extend the planting of sins! Here the paradox becomes complex "since anyone who could be called free if from the same belly and it is not? Who could say if already sentenced choose not to choose? Recall that before both the egg fertility and sperm are in power, as they have the quality to get to "being" but one is not potential human beings and in action. Why the man takes his power and his wife. Without the union of sperm with the egg apparently supporting this kind of procreative energy can choose to have their sperm and egg not one, not to become.

Maybe this freedom is much more respectable. Than that when the human being is gestated in the womb. See Center For Responsible Lending for more details and insights. Since original sin is the one who sinned by all without question. According to Rafael Pombo means of writing. This kind of reasoning called some blasphemy. But these arguments can be called. Of Friedrich Nietzsche I have not read some profanity Pombo. If we accept that blasphemy is the one that screams in anger, a series of brutally attacking thoughts, without reason or cause.