US Of Oil And Gas Fund XIII By ECI Of Scarce Profits Regardless Of Expiration Time?

US of oil and gas Fund XIII of scarce profits regardless of expiration time? Due to the large size of the project, the fund company energy capital invest (ECI) will not only take over the financing, instead with the U.S. invest in Alaska oil and gas Fund XIII GmbH & co. KG. For this purpose, two companies are established which turn corresponding contracts must be signed. US oil and gas Fund XIII commodity funds from the House of ECI benefits from future arguments: U.S. of oil and gas Fund XIII commodity funds from the House of ECI has a minimum investment amount from 15,000 euros. US of oil and gas Fund XIII is a pure equity funds.

The planned investment volume is approximately EUR 25 million for U.S. of oil and gas Fund XIII commodities Fund. US of oil and gas Fund XIII anticipates forecast yield of 12 percent per annum US of oil and gas Fund XIII commodity funds from the House of ECI focuses promising investments in the oil and natural gas production in the United States. The initial investment amount is euro in the U.S. at 15 thousand.

Oil and gas Fund XIII commodities Fund. Despite the short time, the total payout to about 130 per cent is assumed. The results are duty-free in accordance with the draft for Germany. US of oil and gas Fund XIII commodity funds from the House of ECI has a term of 3 years and is a so-called short runner with high projected profit margins with this investment model. Its enormous is able US of oil and gas Fund XIII commodities Fund in order achieve profits despite enormous reliability. This ensures the subsidy commitment of Alaska first and foremost. In this connection is the fact that the biological raw materials in abundance are available for these closed-end funds. With the exploration extension of the production kitchen light unit up to the 31.01.2016 a significant milestone is set for the forthcoming promising recovery. However, buyers should not forget to inform yourself in detail about possible risks. At the beginning of the year 2011 the drilling platform “Spartan 151” was already promoted a special ship to Alaska. Due to the extreme size the special ship but had to accept another way and km in Cook came a during the summer 2011 after summa inlet Alaska Summarum 18.5 thousand..

The Charter

High distribution costs: many investors was not informed and is until today not aware that is alone the emission costs, i.e. the commissions paid for the distribution of funds and allowances for ship Fund amounted to only too often more than 20% of the amount to be paid by investors including premium. A value the Bundesgerichtshof assumes over 15% of a threat to the profitability of the Fund investment. No education about the risks of participation: That the participation in ship ownership is a highly speculative and highly risky entrepreneurial involvement associated with considerable risks, which can lead to a total loss of deposit, was concealed also the majority of investors known to us. Not suitable as pensions: participation in ship funds as a safe retirement was recommended not only a few investors. In the case-law It is recognized that such investments due to the high, speculative risks and the lack of availability of capital as pensions are completely unsuitable. No information about fluctuating Charter revenue: The Charter revenue achievable for the rental of ships are subject to fluctuations, which is immediately reflected in the revenue at most funds.

The Charter revenue remain sustainable at a low level, this has resulted in that the ships can no longer serve the recorded credits. The termination of the credit by the financing bank is regularly after some time the result. Investors lose as their capital. No information about amount of Commission: Many banks and savings banks have until the year 2008 into their customers not informed what commissions they receive for them to give them the share of funds. To do this, they would have been obliged the Kickback case-law of the Federal Supreme Court. Because certain errors in the advice keep coming up, we see promising ship funds Opportunities for the enforcement of claims for damages for the violation of obligations under the respective contracts of advice. We are investors of shipping funds ownership IV for an individual consultation available.