The Apartment

Therefore, we continue a series of articles on repairing the apartment on their own. In the last issue we talked about repairing a bathroom. This issue is devoted to remnotu cuisine. Tackling the kitchen! After the toilet has taken the meaning of for the kitchen because that is what this area is close to it adjoins (not to mention the very very non-standard solutions), and they are connected by common utilities. But the apparent simplicity of the problem – something illusory.

This becomes clear if think, what are the specific characteristics of food as such. The kitchen, bathroom and a need to consider very carefully, because it – a room with high humidity, and even with the "innate ability" of all surfaces literally a magnet for grime and grease. Of course, you need a good hood. But this, so could a hundred percent to solve this problem, it seems, has not been born into the world. Consequently, a variety of coatings and surface of the walls and ceiling should be of waterproof material. Finally, the kitchen – the only one in the apartment room where the furniture must be chosen before the repair. Kitchen embodies peace and comfort in the house. Confined spaces typical apartments sometimes force us to show the wonders of ingenuity. Further details can be found at Nancy Lublin, an internet resource.

And the kitchen from a place where food is prepared, transformed into a dining room, living room and study together. However, not every thinks that the one-room apartment and redevelopment of this important room can truly change its shape. Kitchen renovation will increase the space, renovate the interior, to make a fresh approach to creative design, seemingly normal business premises. Renovation of the kitchen has traditionally includes: – plaster the walls and ceiling installation or ceiling coverings, painting, wallpapering or laying ceramic tile on the wall, install flooring (linoleum, tile); device wiring – installation of switches, sockets, lighting, kitchen ventilation system device.