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Interest in the solutions the bpi solutions was also in this year the interest in the solutions of the bpi solutions was great this year. Topics that serve process optimization in companies were the focus of substantive discussions. Business process management in enterprise management could further points as a theme. With these applications, it is possible to match the automation of business processes with workflows individually on the company-specific requirements. The calls to the automated invoice processing and integrated document management met with special interest.

SYSTEM, as well as the applications for business process management by INSPIRE TECHNOLOGIES and powerful analysis tools from insiders technologies the experts showed the bpi solutions implemented customer examples, which benefits organizations can achieve through this process support and quality improvement solutions based on the solutions for document management by dataglobal and OPTIMAL. “The DMS Expo is for us the trade fair on the topics of document management and business process management. But not the number of visitors alone speaks for the success of the exhibition, but above all the qualitative composition. We have interviewed qualified first and foremost with the informed, practice-oriented decision makers from a wide variety of industries,”says Henning Kortkamp, Managing Director of the bpi solutions from Bielefeld, Germany. About bpi solutions they bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg, software and consulting in Bielefeld, supports its customers 20 years successfully with a company-wide solution concept of easy to use standard software and industry-oriented solutions in the furniture industry, logistics, and other industries. The performance spectrum ranges from consulting, through the design and development of to the integration of new applications. Focuses on the optimization and automation of business processes in marketing, sales and service.

Is based on the own products and solutions in the areas of customer Relationship management, cross media publishing, supplier relationship management and integrated portal solutions. The solutions help the indoor and field staff as well as customers fast communication channels to build and comprehensive information available to suppliers and partners. Moreover, solutions as System Integrator is bpi in the areas of business process integration, active document management and archiving. The solutions based on standard technologies leading manufacturers such as dataglobal GmbH, insiders technologies GmbH, inspire technologies GmbH, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS GmbH, which integrate not only systems, but also allow for business process modeling, monitor processes and evaluate results, make the optimization of business processes to provide real time information are the starting point. Through innovative process integration, effective data management and audit-proof archiving companies achieve significant efficiency gains and through proactive, secure their competitive advantage.

Tianjin Boom Region

Industrial heart and engine of growth referred to by its own inhabitants as a permanent construction site, that every few months a new city plan has to be printed, is in Tianjin, about 80 km from Beijing away, not least because its Binhai New area as industrial heart and engine of growth of northern China. This was not always the case. During a visit of the Tianjin economic and technological development area should noticed Deng Xiaoping in 1986, that at the time still broke this country between China’s third largest city and the waterfront great untapped potential in mountains. This was followed by a more ambitious development plan, from which emerged the today’s Tianjin Binhai New area (TBNA). Located at the interface between the Beijing-Tianjin – Hebei economic zone and the Bohai Bay area, the region is geographically a hub between northern and southern China, and connecting China with Northeast Asia. Kidney Foundation often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The TBNA currently covers an area of 2.270 km2 and a coastline of 153 km. Last but not least because of its potential for low-cost Development attracts more and more foreign investment to the region. Recent developments have proved particularly interesting also for German companies involved so far relatively little in the region.

So significant administrative restructuring measures were carried out between November 2009 and January 2010. Now major projects are about no longer supervised as by the Tianjin, city administration, but the Central Government itself. Also in the future Special should attention be on high-end industries, among others with a focus on renewable energy. The invitation to tender of draft of whole neighbourhood, including an own Singaporean Chinese ECO-city”, testifies to the ambitious target to become within the next five to ten years to the region with the highest investment and growth rate of China’s. The plan of the German Energy Agency, to build a residential and business complex with over 200,000 m2 usable area according to German energy standards allows greater awareness for expect sustainable building and thus increased opportunities for companies in the sustainability sector. Magali Menant, econet china

RED SIMON South African Premium Wines

RED SIMON, the specialist for premium wines from South Africa WINS Ken Forrester as a new partner Winery. Voerde/Stellenbosch (South Africa), the 22 January 2013. RED SIMON, the specialist for premium wines from South Africa WINS Ken Forrester as a new partner Winery. The Ken Forrester estate is rightly considered home of Chenin Blanc”, with great attention to detail, it produces wines in highest perfection. Ken Forrester took over the farm in Stellenbosch with his family in 1993 and led the Manor to his current success. Especially his Chenin Blanc made a name for himself among lovers and wine critics quickly and caused a stir in the wine world.

In addition to the excellent Chenin Blanc, Ken Forrester produced more top quality wines in three different collections. The three different ranges offer premium wine in its segment each always fairly priced. The Petit range stands for wines with a particularly fruity character which gourmets for almost any occasion, and as everyday drinking can enjoy wine. The Ken Forrester range offers high quality in the Interaction with an extraordinary complexity of simultaneous elegance. The icon range is ultimately to mention, in the absolute top level wines are. Especially the FMC, Forrester Meinert Chenin, is the showpiece of the winery.

The Ken Forrester estate nestled in the picturesque hills of Mount of hero in the famous wine-growing region of Stellenbosch and extends over 40 hectares, on which thrive noble vines like Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage and other noble vines. In the cozy tasting room, visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the Helderberg along with a glass of fine wine and a spicy piece of cheese. Close to the winery, winery Road restaurant, owned by the brother of Ken Forrester is the 96. There the guests can try traditional South African dishes together with the wines from the winery and meet your culinary wishes. With Ken Forrester WINS SIMON RED Kanonkop, Glenelly and Hermanuspietersfontein another top winery of the Cape as a partner. Also in the future is SIMON RED on his portfolio expand high-quality wines and thus kept his position as South Africa specialist in European online trading. All wines are available at. RED SIMON ( is the specialist for high-quality wines from South Africa in online trading. The name is based on Simon van der Stel, the first Governor of the Cape region, and father of the South African wine industry”. Choose from over 600 producers SIMON RED the most exciting wineries. With this currently 30 partner wineries, the young party maintains close ties. These are the regular visits of the country and their own representation in the farming region in the Center. Only this ensures an optimum wine selection. The over 300 selected premium wines will be shipped to customers throughout Europe. The two-digit growing online retailer founded in 2010. A total of twelve employees are in use in Germany and Cape Town. The own customer service and a team specialized wine consultants complete the outstanding level of service. The interested connoisseurs in the own online magazine takes stories from South Africa’s wine country, lively tasting reports, interviews with famous faces from the world of wine and strong opinion article. Contact: SIMON Guild way 10 RED 46562 Voerde Britta of Rohkamper 02855-9700893

Prospects Remain Modest

Escape to independence is not the silver bullet from the crisis of Berlin/Dusseldorf for every unemployed, December 18, 2009 – he will be clear, the upswing, but obviously he comes: the economic growth in Germany will be in the coming year at 1.25 percent. The Federal Association of German Volks – and Raiffeisenbanken (BVR) meets this forecast in its latest economic report. The economic recovery takes place in Germany faster and stronger than expected in the summer”, explains BVR Board Member Andreas Martin. The index decline of economic output should amount in 2009 to 4.5 per cent. The improved Outlook on the economic performance in the coming year should but not over this fool that the Outlook for the economy over the medium term remained subdued.

The pace of growth will be lower than even in this summer and autumn in the average of the next year. The economic downturn of the winter 2008/2009 will be compensated therefore expected until 2013 and the private consumption in 2010 according to stagnate or even decline, one believes in BVR. Please visit PCRM if you seek more information. Also the increase in the tariff income will be weaker. Also, rising unemployment constitutes a load factor. The pulse through the fiscal stimulus is substantial, but not sufficient, to compensate for the negative effects”, said Martin.

The saving rate will decline slightly by next year from 11.2 percent to 11.0 percent. The rise in consumer prices will amount to around one percent. Meanwhile, the fear of job loss in Germany grows according to a report in the Handelsblatt on the willingness of entrepreneurship. However: Despite the turnaround of Chambers of Commerce and industry experts see no end to the crisis of of establishment of: there are unemployed out independently become out of necessity, many without clear business idea. According to calculations by the Institute for SME research, 2009 208,000 companies were founded in the first half of the year, 0.2 percent more than in the same period last year. The is as the difference from NET foundations and liquidations was positive with about 5,900. 2008 the number of new companies had fallen in the fourth year in a row, 206,000 “, so the leaf. And further: Marc Evers of the German industry and Commerce (DIHK) sees in the recent development of the typical German pattern: unemployment will rise, also founding interest is rising. “Is problematic, that thereby the quality of the business plans sinke: many take-offs were hastily prepared, four out of ten unemployed founders had a clear business idea.” Udo Nadolski, human resources expert and Managing Director of the Dusseldorf consulting firm Harvey Nash, but warns of generalizations. Although, in particular start-ups in the face of impending or existing unemployment were sometimes not optimally prepared, German university graduates, however, founding willingness is promising.” 54 percent of the top students can be namely according to the current survey of the career network e-fellows.NET and the management consultancy McKinsey & company “titled most wanted – employer study” imagine, to run his own company, about 12 percent of them would even prefer self-employment for a permanent position. Well trained young professionals as founder much rather have the possibility to make own decisions, to act responsibly, to shape new services or products and finally to create jobs”, analyzes Nadolski.

Shatterproof Beer Bottle Packaging

Kanoo receives certificate for beer packaging Klingele paper mills in Remshalden DHL packaging certification for beer bottle shipping packaging received. The manufacturer of corrugated packaging and corrugated board base paper is the only company in the corrugated industry, which has a post approval for this type of packaging throughout Germany. The new certification is an extension of the original certificate, that the company has held for ten years. For the certificate extension was optimized the packaging design and simplifies its construction. This packaging system is now approved for the shipping of 6, 12 and 18 bottles.

With the corrugated cardboard packaging, consisting of a sleeve system and a packaging, bottle sizes can be sent shatterproof 0.33 l and 0.5 l. Rapid packing due to simple design the sleeve system is equipped with a built-in floor and made loading shaft. In combination with the packaging of a solid wave of BC the shipping packing a safe transport. The sleeve, compact wrapping bottles in the packaging, is designed in a way that she can be assembled with two handles. The packaging system is instantly directed to fill”, said Florian Steinle, responsible packaging developers at Klingele. In addition it has successfully passed the comprehensive case tests of the post, where the bottles must remain without prejudice to and no drops, liquid may escape,.” Norpack, a subsidiary of the Kanoo group, manufactures the certified packaging. In addition to the standard printing with the DHL test numbers, customers can get the different variants of the beer bottle packaging also with individual pressure.

Sustainability Principles

Jenners Hausmeisterservice from Rostock informed sustainability gained increasing importance in the cleaning of homes and buildings. To select detergent becomes a laborious undertaking that should satisfy hygiene requirements and protect health and the environment at the same time against this background. Jenners home services informed as Rostock specialist for household and commercial cleaning through the basics of sustainable cleaning efforts. Sustainability in the household and commercial cleaning means to obtain hygienic cleaning results with the use of cleaning agents that are effective, environmentally friendly and harmless. Not so long ago, in particular the latter two criteria have been met inadequately most commercially available cleaning agents. With the importance of profit of environmental and health protection, the desire rose for detergents, which comply with the sustainability criteria described. This motivated most major manufacturers to develop appropriate products.

Today, it has the Consumers no longer an undersupply of cleaning products to do with, which certifies environmental impact, rather than facing a bewildering variety, which covers numerous surfaces and cleaning purposes. A thorough search for information of the consumer, during which he determines which products meet their needs first is the starting point of sustainable effective household and commercial cleaning. However, the need for information is not limited to the product selection. It is taken that for consumers to inform themselves about the proper use of detergent. The effectiveness of detergents is that they be applied in the right concentration. Lower concentrations are usually not harmful, but also cause not the desired cleaning results. Of concentrated cleaning agents can damage, however, different surfaces, pollute the environment and cost also unnecessarily large amount of money. Total is Sustainability in the cleaning of homes and buildings above all a question of sufficient information and its implementation in the real carried out cleaning. The positive effects on environment, health, and financial resources in general but more than outweighed this information effort. Further questions about all areas of household and commercial cleaning at any time gladly answer the employees of Jenners house services.

Managing Director Neumann

“More legal certainty, the certainty, to comply with all laws and regulations in the field of environmental protection reliable: this was the second main aim of the mentioned chemical company”, so Dr. King-Hoffmann. A to the company owners can sleep so peacefully. -The KKH consulting KKH consulting headquartered in Schongau provides actionable, efficient environmental consulting companies of all sectors and the public sector, accompanied in the targeted construction of a systematic environment management system and training the managers and professionals in terms of demand a holistic environmental education for a low-cost entry into an environmental certification. More under the tender specialist Neumann & Neumann project- und Beratungs GmbH has company Neumann & Neumann on infrastructural services specialized and advises across industry sectors to optimize the provision of in-house and outsourcing.

Neumann & Neumann quality concepts, mystery checks and electronic quality assurance system for the control of services offers e-QSS. More at the electronic quality assurance system e-QSS electronic quality assurance system e-QSS consists of a tripartite software program on mobile device, PC and server. A template system for the input and output is installed on a PDA. The query of the output directory is done in simple terms; is recorded, whether the task was done good, bad or mediocre. A standalone Windows application installed on the PC monitors the synchronized Checks and sends each time the PDA in the accompanying shoe when the PC is provided or sent the data directly via the data shipping card or telephone line to the server, automatically via the user’s E-Mail program the daily defect list to the designated responsible customer and contractor page, as well as to the analysis database.

An unfavourable lack list can be not to hold back and not correct. The Tagesabgleich can be printed out on the spot. A Smartphone as a mobile device send the reports directly to the server with the database as a third part of e-QSS, on which is installed the software for the evaluation of quality. This created the monthly reports with the actual nominal comparison, shows the development of the quality of service in the course of months and weaknesses in the performance of individual employees. Quality reports to an agreed distribution. The server can be used the Neumann & Neumann GmbH and service of reporting. As a standalone version at the customer is possible.