A 14-day off-road journey with Land Rover Experience leads the guests to the African adventures. After flying over Johannesburg, the journey begins in Maun, the gateway to the Okavango Delta. First, the instructor explains the all-wheel drive technology of Land Rover and first driving tips, so guests can safely meet the challenges of the coming days. The routes are sometimes challenging, but who, for example, learned that he must reduce the tyre pressure in the deep sand, will enjoy these passages. In addition to the pleasure of the off-road driving, guests can experience a wild country; Elephants, giraffes, antelopes and Lions roam through the dry savanna.

In the boat, in the water maze of the Okavango Delta, they’re getting closer the the hippos and crocodiles. Moremi Game Reserve and Kaudom game reserve are more national parks on the track. But the fascinating landscape of the southern Africa offers two special highlights: close to Grootfontein the HOBA meteorite struck 80,000 years ago, it is the largest yet discovered on the Earth. And the Northwest The Tsodilo Hills are the edge of the Kalahari desert. With its more than 2,700 rock paintings, they belong to the UNESCO world cultural heritage. The guests of still the past colonial era may sense while strolling followed by Namibia’s capital Windhoek. The hotels on the trip are comfortable, but the nights in the Land Rover roof tents and in the tent camps of the national parks are a special experience. Before falling asleep, have the guests undisturbed views of the milky way and hear the sounds of the nocturnal Savannah.

Germany Families

Keel with an innovative Internet portal new approaches – In October 2009, the tourism agency Schleswig-Holstein (TASH), launches a large-scale Internet campaign. It aims to strengthen the interests of families at the holiday destination of Schleswig-Holstein. TASH, who is responsible for the statewide tourism marketing for Schleswig-Holstein since 2001, registered on the official page, always greater interest from potential holidaymakers. This is 2010 Ene mene now for the campaign, meck and we’re gone! “. The cross-media campaign includes many interactive activities and by ambient advertising (so where are families like E.g. Indoorspielplatze), and numerous measures in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. With this idea, the TASH ensures innovative impulses in the far more conservative advertised tourism segment.

At the heart of the advertising campaign for the target group families is an interactive online sweepstakes to a family holiday in Schleswig-Holstein in the spring 2010th Mayan families from all over Germany to the travel can apply from 1 October to 31 December 2009. “Under the motto of Ene, mene, meck and we’re gone!” you can shoot a video and justify why all people they necessarily should win a trip to Schleswig-Holstein. All candidate videos will be presented at and can be evaluated there. Among the 10 highest ranked films, a prominent jury determined the best video and thus the winner family. Visitors to the Web site can customize E-cards depicting the landscape of Schleswig-Holstein, to friends and send acquaintances, and include a link to your own or a favorite video. The site is supported sh exhausted by its own YouTube channel and presences on Twitter and Facebook respectively under the keyword”.

The idea of the marketing team of TASH was implemented by the Kiel advertising agency new communication which prevailed concept with the fresh cross-media in a pitch. Our primary objective in this campaign is the target group of families there to pick up, where she are informed about possible destinations. Over 80 per cent of family vacationers take advantage of the Internet and the platforms of social networks now for their holiday planning”, explains Soren Mohr, Managing Director of the advertising agency of new communication.

Sant Pere

Unfortunately, this positive life together ended in 1492. The Catholic monarchs, Isabella and Ferdinand ended this positive period. The history museum, the City Museum, which exhibits objects around Girona prehistory and the industrialization era (19th/20th century) Girona City History Museum (Museo de Historia) provides more Museenbegeisterte. Sant Pere de Galligans the monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants is a former monastery of the Benedictine order in the Catalan city of Girona (Catalonia). Since 1857, the Museu d’Art Arqueologia de Catalunya is housed here. It is a Romanesque jewel from the 13th century. The ruins of Empuries, the remains of the ancient city of Empuries is located in Sant Marti d’ Empuries in close to the coastal town of L’Escala.It is an incomparable place where Greek and Roman settlements were.

The former ancient Empuries consisted of four parts: the Greek settlement on a peninsula (now Sant Marti d ‘ Empuries); the Greek city on the mainland also Neapolis, near the sea, Neustadt; the Roman city, which built about Neapolis was; as well as the settlement of the Iberians, whose exact located is not fixed until today. Empuries was founded in about 575 BC by Greek colonists from Phocaea. It takes about 2 hours to see the ferryboats. While one discovers how the houses, temples and markets looked in that remote epoch. Figueres at the Teatro-Museo Dali in Figueres, visitors can masterpieces such as Galarina, the spectre of Sex Appeal, the rainy taxi, also the surrealist Mae West room visit. The theatre building was built in the 19th century as theatre, restored in 1966 and renovated Museum of the surreal artist born in Figueres. Reopened was there in 1974 and was expanded during the 1980r years.

Built a dome with a metal grid and surrealist elements, designed by Salvador Dali himself. Next a garishly painted neoclassical building located Torre Galatea (Galatea Tower), called. Here, Dali spent the last years of his life. After his death was the building reconstructed and used since then as an administrative building of the Gala-Dali Foundation. The Museum has the largest collection of Dali paintings. The brilliant artist remains rest under the dome within the walls of the Museum. Cadaques the second stop which is Dali in Cadaques. Dali is born in Figueres, but he had a special interest for Cadaques. The artist renovated a house in Portlligat years later (about 5 km from Cadaques) and according to his own words, it is located on the easternmost part of Spain, thus claiming that he always the first Spaniard who could see the rising of the Sun. The House where he had lived too long, belonged to a group of fishermen’s cottages, it was renovated and rebuilt as his workshop. The renovation has remained true to the style of Dali’s, it is the result of a labyrinthine structure with small areas are available and full runs, which kept the furniture and personal objects of the artist. To visit it, one is Reservation necessary.

Holiday Trend 2011 – Package Individually

Flat rate and individual at the same time – so leaving Germany gladly takes up the majority of Germans back organised holidays. They offer a high degree of travel security and a comprehensive service of flights booked via the hotel transfer travel up to the contact person on the spot. The classic package has adapted to the current travel trends and wishes of tourists here. With different package components, each package is to the individual holiday benefit tour operators and passengers alike. The individual package is the holiday trend of the year 2011. After events such as the eruption of the Eyjafjalllajokull, as well as the social and political developments in the North African countries, more and more Germans put on the services of the tour operator. This, above all the desire plays an important role for security at vacation and travel. 36 percent direct current polls result from the German planning your holiday in particular to this aspect.

Urlaubsreise24 more closely follows the development of the package. The History of the package holiday trips to the Leisure and at least a holiday per year are currently largely German standard. However, as the now popular package emerged, know the fewest tourists. Travelling in broad population strata emerged only in the 19th century. Previously, travel was a privilege of the aristocracy and especially away citizens.

The interest in the so-called educational trips grew but also in other walks of life. As the Englishman Thomas Cook organised the first rail and cruise experience for a group of English workers in 1841, was born the idea of the package. Vacation packages provide security and the greatest advantages of travel packages include price benefits the comprehensive organization, as well as the legal protection in the event of crises. Unlike self-organised travel package tours often also provide price benefits, as organizer of your local partner often get discounts that can be passed directly to the end customer. By mass tourism rare in the 21st century is the speech. Well-known tour operators relying more and more on a balanced mix of free design and optimal support. Favorite destination of Germans In the last year were mainly package tours offers for Spain. Out of the 27 German tourism analysis (Foundation for future questions asked) indicating that 12.9 percent of German citizens have spent a vacation on the Spanish mainland, the Balearic Islands, or the Canary Islands. The study was carried out in January 2011 and is based on the information of 4,000 respondents Federal citizens. The European travel destination in Italy belongs to the favourite destination of Germans abroad. Here, 6.7 percent of Germans spent their holidays in the year 2010. Turkey behind you with 6.6 percent. Package tours be booked in this year by many German tourists to Spain, Italy or Turkey. In addition, more and more citizens opt for a holiday in Germany, because this is often cheaper than travel abroad. One particularly in the holiday region of Baltic Sea and North Sea, and the German States of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Schleswig-Holstein were able to achieve large increase in passengers. Urlaubsreise24 INH. Robert Richter Bremer str. 65 01067 Dresden E-Mail: Internet:

Culture, History And Art At The Costa Brava

Discover the Spanish artist Salvador Dali has funded much of the tourism in the Costa Brava Costa Brava as a cultural region of Spain. Not only his most beautiful museums are located in the Spanish region, but its artificial movements has meant that more and more cultural and historical museums of the Costa Brava the Costa Brava get more and more in the interest of tourists. Is popular known therefore as not only as a popular destination for beach goers, but also get to know the history, culture and special small towns of the Costa Brava. A few highlights of the most important museums of the Costa Brava are therefore presented here. There are cities such as Girona, Cadaques and Figueres in the Center, but also small cities such as Empuries are absolutely recommended the Romanesque architecture. In addition, who rents an apartment in Costa Brava, has the advantage of flexibility and can drive without stress to each city to visit the museums. The following is a brief introduction to the most popular museums in the Costa Brava presented: Art Museum (Museo de arte) Museum preserves important cultural heritage, such as important frescoes from the Romanesque period. The Museum hosts an important art collection of different epochs and styles, from the time of Greek colonisation up to contemporary works.

Particularly noteworthy are the collections of Romanesque and Gothic art. Museo de la Catedral Santa Maria (Santa Maria Cathedral), Santa Maria Cathedral is a Gothic Cathedral of great interest. A 90-stage staircase leads to the main entrance. It was built in the 14th century, while the old Romanesque church, which remained only the cloister and the Tower of Charlemagne, was gradually demolished. The single-nave Church has a rectangular floor plan and unadorned walls. To broaden your perception, visit David Delrahim. The main Chapel is the only component in the Gothic elements in the foreground appear. Not to be forgotten is that one of the largest Jewish communities in Girona is lived in the 12th century.

Bremerhaven Osterstade

The most important works of the painter are exhibited in the Paula Modersohn-Becker Haus, who has lived in Bremen and helped to make famous the approximately 50 kilometres, Worpswede artist colony. That is the equivalent of Bottcherstrasse Schnoor quarter, known as Sairam, with the same street as the central axis. This shows that fun to live is in Bremen, Germany not only at the times of the autumn free market and the winter Kohl and Pinkel rides. The old fishermen’s houses remodeled to stylish restaurants are densely occupied every night, and the narrow streets are filled with strolling and window shopping. Please visit BSA if you seek more information. In the Schnoor, you can retire even if the sense is one of then, rent a small organ and as a musician through the streets. Well thats just Bremen, which has retained a piece of endearing province still unlike his great rival Hamburg, although it carries the key to the world in his arms. We join us prefer the immediate surroundings thus, in which the transition out of the city because this shot by province are easier than in Hamburg. To the North lies right the Weser between Bremen and Bremerhaven Osterstade with its marshes and its villages of closed, their cores on old Wurten, or artificially are heaped on hills, which offered refuge at storm surge. For even more details, read what Boy Scouts says on the issue.

Today the country is protected but by dikes, which Crouch small fishermen and boatmen houses and running – observing the comings and goings of large ships on the lower Weser during a walk or peaceful by one of there thoughtful provided benches out. Here it smells like salt and Tang Schlick, here you can feel already the open sea in the nose, that inland sends his baggy clouds in the summer, where they stand as a magnificent White decorations over the Green country were cattle. “During the autumn and winter but, storm and rain, whipping so a correct appalling weather”, the area, or it get in often for days dense coastal fog, enveloping them in deep silence and give it you, what you used the Spokenkiekertied “called. .

German Golf Academy

Golf Academy is represented in the new catalogue of oger Tours Golf Europe’s leading golf school for the holiday, the German golf course Golf Academy (, is now represented in the new oger Tours Golf catalog. Thus the golf courses and proficiency courses are offered Golf Academy in Turkey now the German also by the leading Turkey specialist of oger Tours. The new golf catalog Golf life”lavishly produced photo galleries with novel design has come on the market. The German Golf Academy golf schools in and around Belek is represented with 4 color pages in the new catalog and is described in detail. The new partnership will give a further boost our golf schools in Turkey”, the Managing Director predicted the German Golf Academy, Marco Kuhndt. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out BSA. A golf school is located on the Lykia links golf course and other golf school on the National Golf course (both in the golf centre of Belek and environment). They offer an ideal complement of the travel programme of oger Tours.

Golf beginners can one so enjoy high quality golf travel and can spot immediately the internationally recognised handicap complete and advanced work in a professional setting up golf course to improve their golf game. The German Golf Academy has the largest German-speaking network of golf schools in Europe with 18 Golfschul locations and offers a quality education according to the PGA and the SLA. The court examination is recognised in over 600 golf clubs in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Golf courses can be made in the golf schools in Majorca and Tenerife, Marbella, Andalusia, Portugal, Tunisia, on Malta, in Turkey, Germany, Austria and Italy. With strong partners such as Nike and the tour operators Dertour, Airtours, Olimar and SportScheck come over 4,000 students each year to the Golf Academy and benefit from the professional training concept and the experienced golf instructors.

Poland: Solidarity Is Insignificant

A haven for stability solid Arno was the trade union Solidarnosc in Poland? has long been a term in Poland. Today we discovered this term, which formerly stood for freedom and democracy mainly in the major cities such as Warsaw and Gdansk. Who rents an apartment in Warsaw, will notice casually often this term. Now whether a road award or confectionery. Here is the term more often to notice, but the former movement has lost much of its momentum. One might even say solid Arno? lost significantly in importance.

Heyday was in the 1980s and 1990s the former Trade Union with the word of solidarity in 1980 in Poland. At the time when it came to massive strike movement in the still-Socialist Poland. Many citizens left your apartments in Warsaw and took part in the strikes. According to own statements have solid Arno? significantly involved at the political turnaround in 1989. Officially, she was at the time as the most successful free trade union in Eastern Europe.

Today estimates you membership to the 500,000. Many residents in their apartments in Warsaw have long since pulled back. At that time, the Union was supported mainly by dissident intellectuals. Names such as Tadeusz Mazowiecki, Adam Michnik and Anna Walentynowicz are here to name a few. The trigger for the strike was just the tip of the iceberg. A price increase on July 1, 1980, changed everything and then leads to the worst strike for a long time. Although limited to these first locally on Gdask were to feel the ramifications in Warsaw. At that time was the leader Lech Wa?SA. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger shines more light on the discussion. Although the strike was ended again after 2 days, it however, the today’s solid Arno formed finally. At peak times, the Union had nearly 9.5 million members. But those days are long gone. Young Poland see Poland many more according to a new survey can come up with solid Arno no meaning? no longer identify. Remains particularly, not to mention that the Union while in the Socialist Poland had their seat. But very different rules and principles prevail in the present capitalist Poland. Especially young people who today live in the modern apartments in Warsaw, but know the term but hardly the meaning. 52 Percent even specify no longer with solid Arno? to feel connected. Solid Arno? remains always in connection with the Communist times, has never really find its place in the new Poland. So, the name remains only an attraction by many in Warsaw. Tourists who come to the capital of Poland and spend their nights in the apartments in Warsaw, be able to read occasionally the words of the Trade Union on the day.

Adventure Vacations

If you prefer this type of vacation, then the money is better not to have compassion and to revel in absolute comfort. Must rest, so that later it was something to remember, and these emotions were extremely pleasant. To date, the cruise liners to the extent immaculate and comfortable, they can effortlessly replace a good hotel. Snowboard and ski seduce hunters insanely sharp impressions. Year-round possible to find a point on the light or, more precisely say, in the mountains, where snow is almost a year. In such places there are ski resorts in the world. Self-taught in this sport is not desirable, you have to pass a mandatory briefing. Skiing, to Unfortunately, sometimes not without injury, because the instructor demonstrates and teaches how to properly and safely ride.

Sometimes, racing down the highway occur strong fall, which sometimes entail injury, therefore, be learn how to fall, so that the risk was minimal. Ski resorts are in Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy, Mordovia, Russia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Canada, Andorra, and in several other countries. In our time, is very in great demand for green tourism – for those who are tired of reinforced concrete jungle of the big city and wants to feel the peace and serenity. Izmayavshiesya residents rest in a small cottage in union with nature and lead to feelings of spiritual force. All growing rapidly, and tourism is not shy away from. For more information see Sean Rad. To date, there is even an opportunity to fly to the moon, but a century ago it was not just weird, it was unimaginable. The feeling of flight to the same extent expressive, that allow to feel the integrity of the galaxy and the insignificance of our short life on earth. Today, go to the moon is very expensive, and it will be able to afford a person with adequate physical education and health, but it will be half a century, and possibly space travel will be as accessible as it is now to go to rest in an exotic country.

Wheel Travel

The most popular destination in Central America is bicycle and MountainbikeTouren in Costa Rica Costa Rica. Especially the many national parks with an incomparably rich flora and fauna, the mighty volcanic peaks, the tropical rainforest, and the fantastic beaches along the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean attract visitors. The small Central American country Costa Rica inspired by the wealth of possible cycling and mountain bike tours. On the many small, you can cycle wonderful paths and trails through the hinterland, the various types of terrain are varied. On adventurous trails to drive through the middle of the rainforest, the numerous volcanoes offer good downhill, unspoilt beaches offer comfortable cycling.

Either you take your bike, what is possible with most airlines, or you looking for a local landlord from wheels. Some tour operators offer their own, high-quality rental bikes. In the surroundings of San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, there is a Variety of tours, for example around the Vulkane Irazu and Poas, or through the Orosi Valley. Partly also roads on the volcanoes, such as for example on the Irazu Vulkan, with the corresponding level of the condition do everything possible. The town of Arenal volunteers himself as a base for bike tours.

A relaxed bike tour leads on a paved road through the tropical forest around Lake Arenal. With the mountain bike you can up to the National Park of the volcano Arenal ride, but it is on the way to not be possible with the bike in the Park. The Cerro De La Muerte (death peak) is the highest mountain on the Panamericana highway. On a distance of 45 kilometers is approximately 2800 to cope with altitude. Only do not deter let by the name. The region of Samara on the Nicoya peninsula suitable also for cycling. On pristine beaches along the coast of the Pacific Ocean Crest is, in the hilly to mountainous hinterland come even sportier drivers at their own expense. Or how about the Ruta de los Conquistadores? This is a well known mountain bike race in Costa Rica, where it applies in just four days from the Pacific coast to reach with the Irazu Vulkan as the highest point in the Caribbean and many more challenges on the way. Learn more at: CBC, Australia. In the Manuel Antonio the rain forest and the surrounding mountains offer Park a perfect backdrop for every cyclist. You can discover hidden waterfalls, biking on narrow jungle trails, and enjoy the beautiful coastal landscape. With a little luck, you experience also the diverse fauna of the national parks, such as colorful birds, Coati, howler monkeys and other exotic creatures. Tours at sunset, with unbeatable views of the Pacific Ocean are also very special.