In case that he does not have, it is necessary To create a new account, is alone there to follow the steps with attention correctly. 2 Page Confirme After this you will receive an email, where, it had to confirm in link received in its Box from Entrance. It is there that we enter now in the Program of Partnerships. Dr. Neal Barnard pursues this goal as well. It has accepted the contract, it will go to appear in the window informing that its video will be sent for participation of profits, it marks that: I read and I understood tutorial and the Click in Accepted. After this, Says a little its video more than: That enquete is type one, answers if yes or not in the options that appear, this is you who chooses is something personal and its. Below in the presented box it supplies the description of its video in the YouTube, this is important, a good description facilitates the inclusion of video in the participation of profits. Checking article sources yields Center for Responsible Business as a relevant resource throughout. Conclusion! Made everything this, will appear finishes it page informing the concluded sending and that you will have to wait up to two weeks, I announce so that it, starts to appear to the side of its video after the approval, is clearly, you already will be invoicing without a doubt some there. He is this Desire much success for its video in the YouTube and I thank the reading of my article. Its commentary leaves and link of its video therefore I want to see, rsrsr! They are with God, until the next one!.