For anybody not a secret now that the site – a company's face. A person of your site – this is his pattern. What would be nicer template site, the more loyal your customers will relate to your firm. So, you should try to use as can be better and more original template for your site office. But what if you build a website from scratch requires large investments, but your budget does not include them in the foreseeable future? In this case, output only one – is ready to use, initially free content management systems (CMS) and the use of open source templates for them. At the same time, be used for corporate website hosting and free Domain I do not recommend – first, it will help in hosting your clients are not always able to get to your site, and therefore they can go to another supplier. Second, you get unsightly domain name of the third level, which for e-commerce site is simply unacceptable (for example, firma.narod.ru instead firma.ru …).

However, hosting and domain name are a penny, and even with the smallest budget of any company can afford them. The most popular free CMS in the Russian segment of the Internet, is undoubtedly, Joomla and WordPress. Each of them has its pros and cons, and each of them can be used to create unpretentious small website, and to create a major Internet portal. Also, both the maximum engine easy to install and use. So you bought a hosting service, register a domain, set the CMS, what's next? And then you will want to change the look of your site, because the pattern that is established conjunction with the engine often has unpresentable appearance, as well as it is being used on thousands of other sites. What do you do then? Well, everything is pretty simple – go to Google, the search line drives a 'template for joomla' or 'Theme for wordpress' (depending on your engine) and in front of you opens an inexhaustible source of various beautiful designs for your new site. After you install themes downloaded from the Internet, you need to check the correctness of its display in different browsers (cross-browser compatibility), inserted into the cap of your phone company, and in the footer – your address. That's all, at minimal cost you could create a fairly high-quality site!