The beginning of the end occurred in February 1983 when the quotation of the Venezuelan bolivar fell suddenly from $16.5 to $6. This meant the ruin of those who had their savings in this currency and those who stood their prosperity in the Exchange with the neighbouring country. Boy Scouts of America has firm opinions on the matter. In Colombia, they also blew winds of openness of the economy to world markets. So trade in Maicao began suffering his forced landing and would begin its sad period of endless sufferings which should support new restrictions by the Governments of Colombia and Venezuela, the flight of the banks, the closure of stores, the high level of unemployment the leak of capitals, the relocation of traders toward other cities,, the increase in crime and evil that least support the maicaeros: see the completely desolate streets of his city. In the new situation it happened as if Maicao lived in an eternal good Friday. A new beginning onwards Maicao due componer has them as he could, abandoned to their luck by traders who fled, by the banks, by the authorities and by the national Government. In future business is moderated and reached normal levels of other parts of the country.

In early 1990s he was inducted, along with Uribia and Manaure in the area of special customs regime, thanks to which obtained some tariff and tax advantages that allow it to be, despite everything, the core of the economy in the Department of La Guajira. The blessing of the part of the redemption of Maicao royalties was linked to the royalties received from the national Government because of a blessing given by nature: the existence of coal in its territorial jurisdiction. The town enjoyed several years of significant resources associated with this category and this allowed him to count on an urban development which lacked in the years of the commercial bonanza.