The Foundation

It is a small audgio old e, but that it serves to characterize and to stone Jacques Arlindo Dos Santos, president of the Association Ch of Caxinde, since its foundation, and member of the house of representatives to the National Assembly. Jacques, stops beyond being the partner number one, was the mentor and godfather of the Tea of Caxinde. To each year, its tasks increase, in its optics. Thanks to the activities developed to the long ones of these years, it can not only be affirmed that the Tea of Caxinde gained respect and confidence of the Angola society and. Known for its flowing multiple, this man, it accumulates the functions of Administrator of the publishing company and bookstore, as well as of the carnavalesco group Joined of the Caxinde, making of it a person almost omnipresente in the association. It are of it is also president of Association of the Publishers and Livreiros of Angola, beyond member of the Angolan Union of the Escitores. As writer, it published Casseca – scenes of the life in Calulo, Rains in the Great Quitanda, ABC of the BO, Erta Nhyari and finally Kasacas and Cardeias. The Tea of Caxinde is the first association of gnero in the country after independence, created the 28 of January of 1989, being its statutes approved through the Executive order number 21/90, has as objectivos to preserve and to rescue the Angolan cultural values, among others..