The Luxury And

The luxury and glamor behind. Now is the turn of the extravagance and psicoledia. Pop culture is leading the way in fashion with the use of patterns and materials like plastic. They reach large glasses, pasta and belts anchos.El successful debut of the miniskirt, the hand of Mary Quant is one of the key facts of this decade, as far as fashion is concerned. Britain moves to Italy and France and becomes the center of the cultural pulse. The British rock concentrates the attention of the rest of the world and imposed its style without resistance. The Mod look sweeps. Women demarcate eyes with thick black lines. The short hair is used with geometric cuts. It is also used along with hairpieces. They combine all the colors. Twiggy, a British singer who falls squarely in the fashion world is transformed into an icon of the 60s. Its extreme thinness leaves behind the sensuous curves that reigned in the 50s. In the last years of this decade HIPPIES make their appearance. Proponents of this movement, which promulgates “peace and love” are the first to recycle fashion and create individual styles, with psicol dicos drawings and images related to the effects of hallucinogens. Men and women wear bellbottoms (tight to the knee and then wide). The cotton blouses are also imposed. In this decade, the fashion is signed by Mary Quant, Andre Courreges, Paco Rabanne and Elio Berhanyer.