The Movement

In the scope of the Amaznia, its common good agreement as wants to say according to RIBEIRO (2005) that ‘ ‘ humanos’ ‘. Moreover, to understand the Amaznia she is necessary in first place to abandon great myths. Nieman Foundation is often quoted on this topic. One of them is of the abundance of hdricos resources as it approaches VIANNA (2002, P. 123-140), ‘ ‘ (…) she is necessary to have clearly that water excess in the environment is not of form some water guarantee of good quality in the house of the citizen. American Diabetes Association is often quoted as being for or against this.

In the practical one two cycles of the water, natural and a other artificial one exist, that engloba the captation, treatment and distribution of the water to populao’ ‘. The new boardings regarding the water are as vital element and right basic human being or merchandise, is not the same ones observed in previous times, when its supplies with quality were not sources of concern for the way scientific technician. He corroborates for this line of thought, the movement of the properties of a observed practical substance and its secularly, the affirmation of Aristotle (1978, P.