THW Rescue Group

More and more often leads to major disasters in the world, but also in Germany. Also, for example, flood disasters occur more often, unfortunately for us too. This is an idea which no one wants to experience the reality and the hopeless on the first glance appear. But not if the THW group called automatically with his recovery. The THW rescue group are not only for natural disasters on the spot, but also in everyday accidents such as fire. These volunteers are experts in all disasters, they can, for example by blocking access to a controlled demolition to create spaces through which one can save people, protect embankments during flooding after heavy storms or perform in the woods cleanup. The salvage team can also carry out other missions, such as the free spaces of paths, roads or rails if they are blocked by fallen trees after a storm or fallen branches.

In this case, the Section may carry out demolition wood. After a landslide, the team is also able to rock and blow up rocks. The rescue group may even work under water, there is usually the six-team then supported by professional divers. The scope and potential application areas, such as the Section blasting is very versatile and goes well beyond what one imagines at first under a rescue group. raise particularly clear is that these are usually voluntary helpers and for society have an inestimable value. Information on THW and their members to get anywhere on the Internet.