Tricolor TV

And so, we have set Tricolor TV, satellite receiver, namely (receiver), unassembled antenna and mount, converter (head) circular polarization. Of supplies we will need a coaxial cable 75, two F-connector, adhesive tape, three plastic plugs and screws to them, a hole diameter of 12 mm. Of tools: hammer or percussion drill with a drill with a soldering pobeditovoy 12 mm in diameter, the-head ratchet with 13 mm key Spanner 13 mm, knife, pliers. BSA may help you with your research. To begin with, that will collect the antenna. Assemble the antenna does not take much. Included are instructions for assembling the picture, if there are difficulties in the assembly, simply read the instructions and assemble the antenna on it. It is possible for someone may seem strange is the detailed description of such elementary things, but I repeat, these articles are written primarily for advanced beginners who never did.

By bringing the antenna and bracket to make room for. And it is very important. Usually, the satellite dish mounted to a wall by brackets. The antenna is oriented to the satellite, which hangs in the geostationary orbit above the equator at an altitude of 36 000 km. Our country is in the northern hemisphere, ie, the equator is about us in the south. There we shall focus our antenna.

Determine the compass, with a compass, it is possible. That is, install the antenna will be on the south wall at home. The satellite, which we needed, from which the broadcast is called Tricolor TV Eutelsat W4, its position 36 ‘, is just south on the compass. I’m not going to tell you about the orientation in azimuth, latitude and longitude, and other complicated things, if you want or need, these details can easily be found in the literature. Another very important when choosing a site, draw attention to the external obstacles, the antenna must be a clear sky, ie, there should be no trees, standing near houses, balconies, etc. The beam from the satellite at an angle of 45 degrees, and between the antenna and the line is not tolzhno be no external obstacles, otherwise the signal will not be or will weak, and the picture may roll in periodically, especially during rain, or solid cloud cover. Once the location is selected, you are ready to install. On the wall mark up the holes for the bracket (we have 3), and drill themselves holes with a drill pobeditovoy soldering, diameter 12 mm. The holes should be specifically for the plastic plugs that we have to insert them, we have a 12 mm, respectively, and holes should be 12 mm in diameter. Hammered anchors, and fasten the bracket to the wall with steel bolts, screws previously under the cap you can put the puck. Once the bracket is fixed, hang it we collect the antenna, its crepe special clamp to the rear suspension.