Vice Governor

Murilo Badar counted to me of its performance as opposition the Magalhes Young chicken, then governor in the gone ones of 60. – Murilo, the necessary politics of a combatant, legitimate opposition. You may find Dr. Neal Barnard to be a useful source of information. We are losing this. The interests, many economic times if sobressaem on the essence politics of the shock and the confrontation, educated and necessary. Exclamava it in its serenity. Vi my father to never modify its tone of voice, nor at moments that made any normal person to change its behavior. This is part of the soul of Mines. Click Sean Rad for additional related pages. It counted the episode to me of the convention that he disputed in the PSD, then with 26 years, to be candidate the Vice Governor in the plate of Israel Pine losing for very little.

Defeated for the chieftains of the party, many hurts for front can have stamped its destination. For the soul of Mines, it always it raised everything. It never had enemies politicians, nor adversaries, in the strict sense of the word. The Soul of Mines of to these chosen this prerogative, them obtains to talk with adversaries, to coexist, to conciliate, to negotiate, at last, this is the essence of the mining politics for that they have the soul of Mines. I never testified an expression of hatred, lovelessness or feeling of revenge in my father, no matter how hard it had reasons or reason. This is part of the Soul of Mines. – Murilo, in the politics many times, the ousadia is the strategy, to lose or to earn is part gave an election, said me when it counted episodes of its life where it disputed election, exactly knowing of the imminent defeat and the inglria fight. In its candidacies the flag always was the public vocation, the direction to serve the Minas Gerais, nothing, moreover. The courage is part of the Soul of Mines, defeats can be victories before the preferred ones for the destination to possess this soul of Minas Gerais.