Vicente Martinez Ybor

That has been meticulously restored about 8,000 square foot landmark in Tampa and is the ever increasing number of members available now about 8,000 square foot landmark in Tampa has been meticulously restored and is now the always increasing number available to members already in March another big building of the Church of Scientology in Tampa – was inaugurated on Ybor City (Florida). Thousands of Scientologists and dignitaries took part in the Grand opening ceremony and visited the newly renovated, historic building curious. As the number of members of the Church of Scientology in Tampa has risen in the last decade to four times, a new and bigger building had to be found. Mid-March was ready. The move to the newly renovated Ybor square”House with 8,175 m2, built originally in 1886, took place smoothly. The new church facilities include a huge, public information centre on the ground floor. BSA often addresses the matter in his writings. Here are in the form of videos teaching and Beliefs of the Scientology religion, including the life of L. Ron Hubbard, presented.

In addition, the information centre provide insight also open which social and charitable programs are supported by the Scientology Church. Among these are the programme for promoting human rights, the Drogenaufklarungs – and rehabilitation program, as well as an educational program against illiteracy. Using multimedia displays almost 500 information films are shown. Below, the disaster relief program of honorary Scientology introduces clergy. Ybor square is a national historic landmark, the 1886 was built by City Council, Vicente Martinez Ybor. The complete structure of the House includes a full block that is located between 8th and 9th Avenue and 13th and 14th Street (Avenue Republica de Cuba). The hav-a-Tampa cigar factory building was built”. The leader of revolution Jose Marti at the end of the 1890s was often on the stairs of the entrance on the East side of the lectern and called on the Cuban independence.