Voluntary Unemployment Insurance

Social risks of self-employment should be cushioned with voluntary unemployment insurance for entrepreneurs. Combined voluntary unemployment insurance: the ability to stay voluntarily in the statutory unemployment insurance is facts, application, costs and conditions since 2006 starting. According to the Institute for labour market and employment research (IAB), this option has proven itself. Over the observation period of about three years, six percent of the respondents to voluntary unemployment benefits from exercise to have involved. 44 Percent of the collected the IAB study, which is more had voluntarily insured, left them again. Reason for this is often according to the respondents the amount of the contributions.

End of 2012 there were more than 200,000 voluntary continued insurance. 1. The amount of lump-sum insured persons pay monthly in West Germany 80,86 euro and in East Germany Euro 68.26. In the first two years after establishing only that is Half this sum due. The contribution can be considered fiscally as output. The monthly contribution is calculated according to a benchmark.

The reference point is set on the basis of average pay in the statutory pension insurance and sets usually annually. 2. Amount of unemployment benefit (to secure) depending on qualifications and region (East or West) is the unemployment benefits for (former) self-employed / entrepreneur between 636,90 and 1.322,70. With the completion of the voluntary unemployment insurance, other performance is so insured than normally paid unemployment benefit from the employee relationship out. 3. Requirements for inclusion in the voluntary ALV the insurance relationship at the request”, the technical name of the insurance of the federal employment agency, to use, must have been entrepreneur two years before recording the self-employed activity for at least twelve months compulsorily or short prior to founding unemployment already. Only those full-time, the self-employed for at least 15 hours per week, this means performing be taken on.