Westwing Fashion

Samwers dominate the online furniture market Solebich.de, leading Germany’s residential community, has carried out a study of more than 500 online furniture stores and their Trafficstarke in recent weeks. Perhaps check out Boy Scouts of America for more information. Amazing result: Samwer Internet entrepreneurs referred all other shops within the last two years with their projects on the sites: home24.de and westwing.de are currently trafficstarksten furniture stores. The Alexarank, on the other hand the Sistrix visibility index was used to capture the data to. The surprising result makes it clear that customers, especially new and fresh concepts getting around. So 15 in both rankings mainly new shop concepts, can be found among the top few established shops like impressionen.de or danischesbettenlager.de can break the dominance of the young.

Top 15 online furniture stores Home24 Westwing Fashion4Home impressions Danish dormitory Monoqi design-3000 Avandeo Myfab ambience direct Connox Butler’s Depot-online feature from Wilmowsky here, there is the complete overview of all 50 online stores. At all, online furniture stores seem to boom in recent years. A steady increase of new shops and domain registration to register is so in recent years. Overall, more than 50% of the surveyed shops were established since 2008, the other 50% of the stores date back to the period from 1996 to 2008. It further divides the 500 shops in categories such as home accessories and furniture, notice also that some Nischenshops with individual product groups, such as lamps or wall decorations, far forward to find the lists are. SoLebIch.de: SoLebIch.de is the largest German residential community. Since 2007 the members around the issues of housing and setting up Exchange, over 30,000 real apartment pictures are the heart of the community. In the associated shopping area, SoLebIch.de also provides an overview of beautiful furniture and home accessories from selected online stores.