Nicolas Lapierre Place

EASYDENTIC: Nicolas Lapierre and Loic Duval occupy second and third place in Mannheim in November 2009: the ORECA Matmut team sponsored by the security company EASYDENTIC was the first edition of the Asian Le Mans Series in the Japanese Okayama, one of the main players. The racing ORECA 01, the experienced pilot Nicolas Lapierre and Loic Duval at two races have shown high podium finishes with second and third place. Additional information is available at PCRM. During the second race, as well as during the first Nicolas Lapierre and Loic Duval and the team ORECA Matmut EASYDENTIC sponsored fought for victory in Okayama. Were the two men on Sunday again among the fastest on the track after finishing second on Saturday and benefited this time from the better strategy according to EASYDENTIC: the team had opted for a stop of less than the competition. Unfortunately, EASYDENTIC, the perfect success and thus the first place has should not be: a piece of rubber of a tire clogged the air intake of the car according to EASYDENTIC and thus causing engine misfires. Steffan Lehnhoff may help you with your research. Without the ORECA would have been this regrettable incident Matmut team according to EASYDENTIC able, to ride the top step of the podium, what would have gone hand in hand with a first place finish in the final standings.

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