Angela Novotny

The winner of the top 15 charts of the NDR by Angela Novotny with the new title “Heart where you want to go” Angela Novotny Sunday, d. 25.9.2011 of the hearing the TOP 15 charts of the NDR – the largest pop charts of the North on 1st set – an incredible success for the singer from Saxony Anhalt. There was this big victory this year already, as with “Strange eyes” seven weeks always could place in the top 3, even in the TV – charts ranked second. Now she could the stairs of the pop industry with the support of many fans, who are increasingly build right next single hit producer Francesco Bruletti on the success goes into small pieces upwards. But success is never alone and not without the help of fans, the listener, the music editors who give a chance to the title and ultimately never without hard work and self confidence. Thank you all, have a big and small share was said with all my heart. There is still room for a bit of romance and emotion in one rough time, now it is called fulfill autograph requests, answer emails, read guestbook entries, vote concert dates – congratulations Angela Novotny! Source: Office Novotny more info:

The Charter

High distribution costs: many investors was not informed and is until today not aware that is alone the emission costs, i.e. the commissions paid for the distribution of funds and allowances for ship Fund amounted to only too often more than 20% of the amount to be paid by investors including premium. A value the Bundesgerichtshof assumes over 15% of a threat to the profitability of the Fund investment. No education about the risks of participation: That the participation in ship ownership is a highly speculative and highly risky entrepreneurial involvement associated with considerable risks, which can lead to a total loss of deposit, was concealed also the majority of investors known to us. Not suitable as pensions: participation in ship funds as a safe retirement was recommended not only a few investors. In the case-law It is recognized that such investments due to the high, speculative risks and the lack of availability of capital as pensions are completely unsuitable. No information about fluctuating Charter revenue: The Charter revenue achievable for the rental of ships are subject to fluctuations, which is immediately reflected in the revenue at most funds.

The Charter revenue remain sustainable at a low level, this has resulted in that the ships can no longer serve the recorded credits. The termination of the credit by the financing bank is regularly after some time the result. Investors lose as their capital. No information about amount of Commission: Many banks and savings banks have until the year 2008 into their customers not informed what commissions they receive for them to give them the share of funds. To do this, they would have been obliged the Kickback case-law of the Federal Supreme Court. Because certain errors in the advice keep coming up, we see promising ship funds Opportunities for the enforcement of claims for damages for the violation of obligations under the respective contracts of advice. We are investors of shipping funds ownership IV for an individual consultation available.

Balance Indicator Chart

As did the Ichimoku indicator? He is a flag used in the Forex for new entrants in the market and operators who already have years of operating data to analyze support and resistance that are the strength of the trend and direction that will ultimately determine is the ideal time to enter the market or get out of it. This indicator was first introduced in the 60’s, Hosoda Goichi by its creator, who gave him an Asian name since its inception. If you want to know which means Ichimoku in Spanish, means, Balance Chart. The Ichimoku is recognized worldwide for the formation of clouds at the time of surgery. It is therefore possible that operators may have heard that this marker is also called usually as Ichimoku indicator is one of the more precise indicators used in the exchange market and there is little chance that this data unreal so you could say it has a 95 percent efficiency when applied properly. Ichimoku indicator is used by many operators in East Asia, as its creator is of Japanese origin.

Comparing this indicator with other technical indicators, you may realize that the Ichimoku takes much longer to be considered by the trader, but the chances of error are very slim. How to properly apply Ichimoku indicator when trading? When the operator first used this marker may believe it is a bit complicated by the large number of lines and saturation in the graph, but this is very easy to interpret, more than it seems. The cloud is formed by the interaction between two lines estimated by a mathematical operation and shadow that filled each other. Before continuing it is vital that you know that this indicator is comprised of five critical components, which are: 1. The Tenkan Sen: You must develop a mathematical operation, adding the largest number and the smallest value divided by two.

The set on Tenkan usually form a cloud due to the connection of the lines estimated by a mathematical operation, that this indicator can be analyzed. Likewise, the indicator will show clearly which areas covering its five components, filling them with a shade that forms the cloud. For example when a price is positioned above the cloud, the tendency is upward, if the opposite happens and is located below the cloud is down and then when it is within the cloud will mean that there is a tendency not accurate, say that the trend is uniform. In the event that the amount or value is located inside the cloud, the operator must take different actions and look for patterns that have been explained in our Forex courses and thus achieve success. Another sign could be given when there is a merger between Tenkan Kijun Sen and Sen, meaning that if the two intersect is a good time to take a position in the market.

Yacht Charter Greece

The Corinthian Gulf – a unerforschterer treasure in Greece the Corinthian Gulf route is a unerforschterer honey on the Yacht Charter Greece, because many Charter sailors consider him as a route between the Aegean and the Ionian Sea, and not as a destination for a sailing holiday. There are however many places you can enjoy sailing here, which are cheaper and less crowded than the most Greek holiday resorts. Here is a proposal for an unforgettable sailing trip on this picturesque area, providing the best sailing conditions (no tides, predictable winds, warm weather) even for yacht Charter skipper with less experience. Day 1 Rion Andirion BruckeBeginnen your cruise in the Gulf of Korintischem from the West to the East because it is the usual direction of prevailing winds. The entry point is the Corinthian bridge (Rion andiron), which can be seen from a great distance. Also, there are other attractions, like the two medieval forts on either side of the Channel in the South and in the North. If you drive into the Bay, you control the northern coast to reach the beautiful port of Nafpaktos, situated in a circular Bay. Mezolongi is the name of the horseshoe-shaped Marina and Yacht Charter crews can visit here an ancient temple and a Venetian fortress.

There is also a water park with dolphin shows and on the southern coast, there is a beautiful sandy beach, if you want to be in the Sun all day. Day 2 If you are sailing on the northern coast, then you will arrive to the island Nisos Trizonia, off the coast of Glyfada, which accommodates two Yacht Charter ports. Are genuzt also of smaller fishing boats and Yacht Charter guests can visit on foot, because the are not far from each other. The picturesque settlements represent the traditional image of Yachthcharter Greece, with its idyllic villages and taverns overlooking the sea.

Minerva Movements

To the side of these movements programs appear of the Government as the Mobral and Minerva that had tried to use spirit of &#039 the same; ' right social' ' , developed for the social movements. In years 80, with one neoliberal politics, that they aimed at to recoup the practical ones of the wild capitalism, had an increase of the politics assistencialista. The popular education, especially, the system Pablo Freire, nails the rescue of the definite citizenship as attainment of the worthy conditions of subsistence, right to health, education, leisure, through a conscientizadora pedagogical action that would have to act on the cultural level of the popular layer in the points of common interests. After one decade of studies on the partner-economic problems and politicians of daily the popular one we can observe that popular projects from the manifestations of the popular bases had not been formulated really, the projects had been formulated with sights to the interests of the assessorships. Thus, some popular movements had entered in crisis and the theoretical production regarding the popular education was estagnou.

The critical one to the theory of the marginality was substituted by varied first of inquiries as the black, the syndical, religious woman, movements and others. We understand that it does not have pure syndical movement, all are impregnated by presences of external elements to the group of base, that belong to another category, but, with the objectives and ideologies in common in the social movements, the education is autoconstituda in the process educative from different sources as contact experiences, for the exercise of repetition, social reality, desmistificao of the authorities. Politicized popular knowing became a threat the ruling classes to the measure that took the claims of spaces in the devices of the state. It has an attempt to delimit the power of the social movements and consulting boards, who had continued with its structural problems of base.

Lisa Penzel Movement

“Textbook”Brand in motion”appeared under the motto perspectives of business communication” contributions to the brand design and brand management were written at the Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) Berlin under the direction of Prof. Dr. Klaus Streeck. In 21 texts, the authors and authors of wonder how movement currently used for marking of companies, products and services and what potential movement as advanced Brandingelement could have are approaching. This area of the brand remained relatively unnoticed in the literature until then.

Although movement is used in varied manner in brand communication, for example, when flying a banner on the website or in moving images of TV spots, but it seems to exist until today not as a means to the explicit differentiation in the branding. The book is interesting for advertising agencies, brand specialists and communication consultants who are looking for innovative ideas and approaches for the branding. Life is movement Movement is life! So, it defines the biology. You can transport these laws also on brand management? Can I more vital conceptualize a brand on this movement? The use of movement in the branding has influence on the brand value, its development and thus the survival of a brand? Against the background of increasingly saturated markets, decreasing differentiability of the brands themselves and growing information overflow in the trademark area, this book explores the possibility to implement movement as a new, hitherto virtually untapped form of branding, to make tangible the brand in the brand management. The extension of the marking of a performance by a factor of Konzeptionierungsmoglichkeiten help to, to generate preferences at the consumer, and ultimately to bind him to the brand offers movement. The findings of this book provide new approaches, not only for creative agencies and brand manager, but for all their top Pramisse represents the increase of in brand value.

With contributions by: Julia Barthel, Carolina Botolin, Jennifer Ballett, Nicole Edgecombe, Sven Hartmann, Nadine cave, Nadja Katzenwadel, Dirk Kleemann, Nico Kapoor Babor, Andreas KoSTER, Karolina Karthick, Claudia Kruger, Ronny mix, Judith Nickels, Lisa Penzel, Martin Paine, Isabell prior, Mary Roder, Anja Ross, Annika Rygol, Corinna Sauter, Nicole Scheplitz, Henry Schroder, Klaus Streeck, Juliane Werner and Maika Ziehl. Paper: brand in motion contact Dr. Hans-Joachim Koster stanchion str. 22-24 10179 Berlin Tel. 03076403224 fax 03076403227