English Channel

J.Y.O. The island of Sark is one of the best places to make tourism astronomical. The amount of light that projects towards the sky is residual. There are asphalt roads, nor no automobiles and the public lighting system is nonexistent. Sark Island is a small island located in the English Channel that has been recognized by the International Dark-Sky Association like the first dark sky island of the world, authenticates which it like one of the best zones to make tourism astronomical, a modality more and more in fashion. When the recognition was made official, in last February, Roger Davies, president of the Royal Astronomical Society, it declared: " This it is a great profit for Sark. People worldwide more and more are fascinated by astronomy as we are discovering more about our universe, and the designation of the first dark sky island of the world in the British islands only can help to increase this appetite. I hope that this takes many more people to undergo the wonders of a truly dark sky.

Question of light Just by five kilometers in length and one maximum width of two kilometers, this small piece of dependent land of the British crown guarantees calm vacations in the middle of one of the most colorful coasts worldwide. In Sark there are asphalt roads, nor no automobiles and the public lighting system also is nonexistent, one of the reasons by which the amount of light that projects towards the sky is residual. In addition, the 600 neighbors, conscious of the economic potential of the astronomical tourism, have adapted the illumination of houses and establishments not to obstruct the vision of the firmament. The plan of integral management of the illumination created by Jim Patterson, of the Institute of Engineers in Illumination, allows to perfectly contemplate the Milky Route in all their extension, besides a countless number of stars and meteors. Tourist industry Located little less than to 130 kilometers of the South coast of England, Sark is smallest of the four main islands of the Channel and last European territory in abolishing the feudalism. The main source of income is the tourism, although also some farming activities are realised. The numerous tourists who visit Sark, mainly in summer, can choose between one varied supply of lodgings, that goes from small hotels awarded by its enchantment, to campings or typical you see and breakfast. Sark does not have airport, so that the unique form to accede to the island is in boat, or from Guernsey or Jersey. The first route is more advisable, although the airport of the island of Jersey has more aerial connections. Source of the news: The paradise of onlookers is in the English Channel

Wild Wadi Water Park

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