Editorial Hylas, of recent creation is integrated by Argentinean writers.Arises the initiative of its formation as a result of a need to own and by contact with numerous students of literary workshops who want to publish their texts and seek guidance and support to do it, not for a purely commercial purpose, but from his perspective of who as author, knows how important that is for a person see his creation in the pages of a book. To that end is our form accompany the novel author at every stage, from the reception of the material and their registration, spelling correction, verbal consistency, use of the Spanish language, suggestions of style, design interior and tops; as well as the presentation and dissemination of the work through interviews, talks and workshops in the field of culture and education institutions. Learn more at this site: Boy Scouts of America. The theme of publications covers: poems, stories, stories, novels, essays. Children’s literature occupies a prominent place.Editions of author. Runs from 200 copies. Binder binding and sewn with thread. We organize presentacionen theme bars, cultural centers, schools and theaters.

Published titles: tales with belly I, tales with Panza II, Analects, dark sunglasses, words without time, in a low voice, Buenos Aires blue. In preparation: do kidnapped Minu?, small bonfires. Authors who published with us: Lidia Susana Panza, Daniel Serber, Amelia Requena, Graciela Errecart, Graciela Roitman, Guido Soriano, Maria Emilia Santillan, Graciela Barrachina, Mirta Cataldi, Pedro Patronelli, Silvia Fabiani, Marcelo Sangregorio, Magda Olivieri, Gracial Saldana, Mariana Pallotti, Alicia Moreira, Juan Schiappacasse, Roberto Weigel, Cecilia Strada, Diana Gitlin, Mirta bathrobe, and others.

Failed Reading Glasses And 3D Trends

New theme zones on the HKTDC Hong Kong Optical fair as a leading industry gathering reopens the HKTDC Hong Kong Optical fair from November 6 to 8 their goals and presents itself with new zones and products as a trend barometer of the industry. In the halls of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), more than 680 exhibitors (2012: 630) are expected this year. Altogether 12,800 buyers visited Kong Optical Manufacturers Association organized fair last time by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) and the Hong. Italy and China’s Hong Kong, one of the largest international exporters of optical products. Official site: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Overall, the city exported goods amounting to nearly 6 billion USD (+ 19.6%) in the period from January to August 2013.

Main markets China and the United States, followed by Japan, Korea and Germany. Hong Kong imports also increased significantly with 20.4 percent and reached a total of $ 7.1 billion. Here, China (+ 27.3%), Japan (- 22.5%) and Taiwan (+ 114.4 percent) were the most important Import markets. German schlang was occupying rank seven of the importing countries. The strong position of the metropolis in the optical industry reflects the fair program. The reading glasses are newly introduced this year”and the 3D & kids eyewear” zone. By the functional glasses, reading glasses has become a popular fashion accessory.

It is also fashion statement and expression of personality. This consumer demand the organizers with the introduction of reading glasses “zone meet. The trend topic of 3D is worth the trade fair an own presentation and together with exhibitors from children’s glasses, the new zone provides an overview of two strongly growing market segments. Large international brands can be found in the brand popular name Gallery”. The theme zone has established itself as one of the main attractions of the fair. 2012 here 166 companies from 20 countries and regions presented their products, including the Ferdinand Menrad GmbH + Co. KG in Schwabisch Gmund with premium brands such as Jaguar, Davidoff and Menrad. To the further areas of the fair include: contact lenses & accessories diagnostic instruments, eyeglasses, frames & lenses glasses accessories optometry instruments, equipment & machinery, sports & professional glasses of commercial services interesting seminar program allows visitors an overview of the latest industry trends and developments. At the 11th Hong Kong optometric Conference market experts about topics of the future of the industry, doctors and manufacturers Exchange. Visitors can also experience the products at the various shows and take a look at the future of eyewear fashion at the presentation of submissions for the 15th Hong Kong Eyewear Design Competition.

Mobile Data

The ways of the Lord, and the criteria of the AEPD are inscrutable. n Random House. Today we will see how 2 assumptions very, yield radically different results, thanks to the interpretative criteria of the Spanish Agency of data protection. Course #1: By mistake, a mobile phone company sends another customer invoice by email. Data disclosed by error, include: name and surname; NIF; Address; zip code; locality; Bank; number of bank account (ten digits); detail of calls by phone number. Course #2: By mistake, a company of repair of mobile handsets gives a pendrive with 7 different than their own phones backup to a particular client. Data disclosed by error, include: name and surname of the holder of the phone, personal photos, personal agenda with phones, mails and addresses in your contacts list calls made and received, and issued and received sms. What differentiates both assumptions? In the first case, the telephone company Mobile is responsible for a file, according to the organic law of protection of data and responds to breaches incurred. However, in the second case, the client is not responsible for any files, because the files maintained by individuals in the exercise of exclusively personal or domestic activities are excluded from the scope of the data protection Act (2.2.

to LOPD). It is logical and understandable. At kidney.org you will find additional information. Makes no sense that a latin lover would inform his conquests that their data will be incorporated to a file of their responsibility in good order, perhaps in this case Yes would be could be defensible but if each of us had to comply with the data protection act by the data of our relatives, friends and acquaintancesSurely we encerrariamos us at home. And what happens with the mobile terminal repair shop? It is not responsible for your negligence? Well not. For the AEPD, not to apply the law to the owner of the file as a file of personal agenda treatment that makes the store by instruction of the owner, nor is it subject to a sanction of the LOPD.

If the store had used the data for their own purposes, yes had been liable to treat data without consent but as what he did was to comply with the obligation of duty of secrecy with respect to 7 persons who were harmed their privacy by this shop, the AEPD understands whereas does not impose any sanctions. However, the company’s mobile telephony for the first course, they put him a fine of EUR 6000 jests and sonorants. Does this mean? Therefore to give some examples assumes the following: A Spanish email (e.g. @telefonica.net) service does not have to apply any security measures to a hypothetical database of addresses of recipients of emails from customers. Likewise, if @telefonica.net had a mishap of security affecting these data, nor would any responsibility. A service of targeted online agenda to individuals do not have to comply with any of the regulation safety measures. To deepen your understanding Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala is the source. And a myriad of other examples. Is the criterion of the AEPD correct? Clearly is not. The files received by the person the second assumption complainant also include personal data specific to the customers of the shop, which Yes are the responsibility of the same, and should be protected by the data protection act. However, repeated by the AEPD, criterion does not sag nor before a duly reasoned appeal. That said, the criteria of the AEPD are inscrutable and we aren’t worthy of calling them into question.

The Wallpaper – More Than Just Wall Tiling

An insight into the history of wallpaper in almost any room is to find the wallpaper. Usually plain white, ingrain it must be often. Design little is limits to the unassuming wallpaper. The first wallpapers were used in the Orient for decoration. Professor of Internet Governance has much experience in this field. Before the paper wallpaper was popular, it fell back on other, more expensive materials. So, for example leather wallpaper hand-crafted were painted and decaled in special cases also with gold and silver.

The wallpaper replaced the mural tapestry, as they often were in noble houses. The cheap manufacture of paper wallpaper helped her rapid success. Historical image wallpaper of the forest House of Japan in Bleicherode as first recognized the Chinese in the 15th century the benefits by paper wall-paper. For even more opinions, read materials from PCRM. The wallpaper was about India-based trading companies in the 16th century to Europe. Contemporary motifs were popular on wall-paper and a quality as it is found today only rarely. First printed wallpaper by hand and only by printing machines in the 19th century was the bulk manufacture of wallpaper possible. About 1830, an important step for the industrial manufacture of wallpaper was the invention of the Rundschopfsiebes.

The Rundschopfsieb allowed the production of continuous paper. Today, wallpaper in the gravure and screen printing are printed. A variety of styles and patterns allows an almost unlimited creativity in the selection of wallpapers. Modern photo wallpaper next to the popular woodchip, there are also photo wallpaper and pattern wallpaper. Just the photo wallpaper is again in the coming. On it, you can print a favourite motif and thus individually and creatively according to own requirements make the room. The design is hardly limits, modern printing techniques make this possible. The wallpaper has an interesting past. If one wants to learn more about the history of wallpaper, you can visit the German wallpaper Museum in Kassel. Founded in 1920, the Museum includes over 20,000 objects from all periods of history and places around the world.

Fair Housing

If you rent or are just going to rent a house in Samara, you know, of course, that the rent for him – this is a significant cost item in your budget. Each tenant will undoubtedly want as far as possible reduce the cost of paying the rent. Experienced employers know how to do it. Choose appropriate to your ideas from the list below and pay less for housing, and live better! An invaluable list of ideas: 1. To seek an apartment own, save for payment of services of a specialized agency. There are several ways to find accommodation without intermediaries. Details can be found by clicking Jo Mackness or emailing the administrator. – To interview acquaintances, friends, relatives, does not hand over anybody apartment.

However, there is "Pitfalls" – is unknown how long it will be until you find a suitable alternative. Hear other arguments on the topic with Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. And secondly, in the case of a conflict with a tenant, you may experience difficulty in communicating with a person recommend you as a respectable tenant. After all, homeowners can turn a close friend of your friend. – Paste up advertisements on street use of this option, you will certainly get more offers from the owners in a shorter period of time, but here are assumed to be large your time costs of printing, cutting sticker, and the more ads, ads that break down every day wipers. So you have to regularly re-glue the ads. – Search by Internet. Of course you can post and view classifieds for free message boards such as: samara.irr.ru, olx.samara.ru, dom63.ru, barahla.net, but you should know that 90% Ads are placed and read there realtors.

Publica Power Button

Technology may no teacher will be Berlin – the digital media flow turns into an environmental condition, and blogger Peter Glaser so the journalist in his opening presentation at the re: publica in Berlin. He was everywhere and always there: earlier, the message window in the world opened up once a night. Today the messages, entertainment, information flows incessantly. Weird things like test image ‘ and the deadline ‘ no longer know young media consumers. The network has become the epitome of permanence. It’s constantly going on, it updates itself, it vibrates from nest.

There used to be a State, then came a change, then a new State. Now, change is the State. Earlier the great ate the little one, then which ate the slow fast. “Now that is sometimes from the always swallowed”, Glaser said. Engines would in future no longer with a single and get off button, but only with a ripcord being pulled to start, then the apparatus runs for all eternity. I am of the opinion that the power button as a significant human rights must be respected. How much this button already is been expelled us, shows the mobile phone.

Although it still has a regular button. Check out Boy Scouts of America for additional information. But the psychological distress which brings the switching with the possibilities of what you could miss all is immense. The non-rangehen to learn, is as difficult as a morphine withdrawal”, feared gang. He references the Opus myth machine”by Lewis Mumford. The world would be better if it would be used as a textbook. Only in the human mind, the idea of progress have substance. Only here, she offer the prospect of a better future. Mumford sketched the possibilities, as flows of technical progress not in a technocracy. Every system, every machine, every machine is a product of the human mind. Machines must not be drilled to enforcement by coercive measures, otherwise mutated initially useful technique to the repressive headmaster”, warns Bernhard Steimel, spokesman of the Nuremberg Congress of Voice days plus, the technologies for customer engagement deals with. Systems, devices, or search engines should not decide what is right and restrict what is wrong for us and our behavior or even sanction. Otherwise man would become the slaves of technology. A vending machine dictatorship may prove more sustainable than the paternalistic behavior among people, warn scientists Sarah Spiekermann and Frank Pallas in an article for the book the computerization of everyday life”(ed. Friedemann Mattern, Springer-Verlag): a respond machines automatically and autonomously and allow those affected so little possibility of anticipation or response. On the other hand, technology is absolute. For example, a driver has alcohol in the breath, so it is completely impossible to start the corresponding car even in emergency, where the driving under the influence of alcohol would usually accept him”. The paternalism of the well-intentioned Checkers is connected not only with obedience or authority hearing technologies, but create a compulsion of to absolute conformity. Autonomously operating machines become absolute powers, whose decisions and actions taken can be bypassed or ignored. Inspired by Francis Bacon, which is also cited by Lewis Mumford, we are therefore called upon to gather that from the treasure of all things, which is the world’s most”sums up Steimel.


The beginning of the end occurred in February 1983 when the quotation of the Venezuelan bolivar fell suddenly from $16.5 to $6. This meant the ruin of those who had their savings in this currency and those who stood their prosperity in the Exchange with the neighbouring country. Boy Scouts of America has firm opinions on the matter. In Colombia, they also blew winds of openness of the economy to world markets. So trade in Maicao began suffering his forced landing and would begin its sad period of endless sufferings which should support new restrictions by the Governments of Colombia and Venezuela, the flight of the banks, the closure of stores, the high level of unemployment the leak of capitals, the relocation of traders toward other cities,, the increase in crime and evil that least support the maicaeros: see the completely desolate streets of his city. In the new situation it happened as if Maicao lived in an eternal good Friday. A new beginning onwards Maicao due componer has them as he could, abandoned to their luck by traders who fled, by the banks, by the authorities and by the national Government. In future business is moderated and reached normal levels of other parts of the country.

In early 1990s he was inducted, along with Uribia and Manaure in the area of special customs regime, thanks to which obtained some tariff and tax advantages that allow it to be, despite everything, the core of the economy in the Department of La Guajira. The blessing of the part of the redemption of Maicao royalties was linked to the royalties received from the national Government because of a blessing given by nature: the existence of coal in its territorial jurisdiction. The town enjoyed several years of significant resources associated with this category and this allowed him to count on an urban development which lacked in the years of the commercial bonanza.

Interview With A Professional Trader And Forex Robot Desarrollor

Tell us about yourself and your career first introduce myself … Hear from experts in the field like Alona Tal for a more varied view. my name is Pedro Rodriguez (known as RobotFX Internt forums), I have middle-aged, I am engineer by profession and I have an MBA. Part of my professional life developed in a Japanese multinational first-class dedicated to the Computer and Communications. n. Then I started my own business dedicated to the world and then went Multimedia director of a department in a company Internet Marketing and Media. In the last six years I have been “full time” to study the development of strategies by Forex and FX-like Attila or RobotFX-activity currently takes me 10 to 12 hours each day. 2) Since when you’re in the business of Forex. Year iniciastes you? Initially I made my first steps on the stock market 10 years ago and in particular my attention by the Forex is about 8 years ago. 3) How to get to know the Forex Robots? After a couple of years studying charting, fundamental analysis and technical analysis and coinciding with the development of my first win but eventually end up losing the account.

However, as he advanced in knowledge of potential winning strategies and increasingly dominate the market more and better enabled me to begin to develop and debug my own robots. After many months of development, testing and tuning I can tell you that today I have great tools like RobotFX (probably the best Robot Forex market) or AtilFX. 5) What are the disadvantages of using the Forex Robots, there is something an investor must know before you start, something that apprentices by experience? The use of robots has many advantages.

Help, My House Is Monument

Who has a grade II listed house or new purchases and want to modernize, must know the requirements. Therefore the contact to the monument protection authority is recommended prior to purchase. No one can escape the feel charm of a restored Memorial. The State awarded the modernizers of Monument protected building with tax breaks. Application: renovations are needed around the House to be able to receive and use sense, you may claim tax costs.

Prerequisite: Must the expenses by the competent authority certifies, and the measures prior to the renovation be matched (see expert advice on the right). The application documents that you submit with lower monument protection authority from city or County must emerge clearly, how you want to implement the measures. Ensemble protection: Not always the whole House as a single monument stands under monument protection, but facade and roof as part of an ensemble of buildings. Then you may claim only the costs, that the outer appearance of your House but not relate to, interior like new home automation, floor coverings. Example: Client (married, taxable income 60 000) grade II listed building (BJ. 1900) buys it is a residence. Official site: Boy Scouts of America.

Purchase price is 200 000 without land. The modernization will cost 100 000. Let all work before the start of the construction approve tax bonus: concerns the authorisations to make owner-occupiers 10 years each, 9% of restoration costs claimed. Steffan Lehnhoff addresses the importance of the matter here. Investors may write off over 12 years distributed 100% of the costs: 9% each in the first 8 years, 7% each in other 4Jahren. In the example, the taxable income on 46000 or 51000 decreases. Instead of 12-253 the investors have the Treasury to pay only 7784 on 9326 self user. Depreciate the cost: even investors participate in the cost of the Treasury: write 40Jahre 2.5 percent off (built in 1924) or 50 years 2 percent (built in 1925). You may claim only the pro rata cost of the building, not them for the plot. Houses with low cost and high renovation costs are particularly lucrative by monument depreciation. Cost of renovation you claim tax funding pots: there are grants for example by the Memorial offices, the German Foundation for monument protection and regional foundations. Ask the monument authority for funding opportunities for your home, such as urban development or village renewal programmes. Only monument typical work, such as facade renovation or restoration of stucco and truss will be encouraged. Up to half of the overhead can usually be funded. Professional Tips: How do I turn the Monument Office? Prof. Gerd Weiss, Chairman of the Association of land preservationist:, necessarily before start of construction should be approve all renovations planned at the monument of the lower monument protection authority. Critical points: This includes all measures which affect the appearance, the sensitive components and the substance of the House: Demolition and cultivation, plaster and repainting, window replacement and roof covering. You must coordinate with the monument authority also static procedures such as attic conversions and timber-frame repair. Time: Schedule an appointment as early as possible so that your plans with the ideas of architectural preservation in planning and execution are merged. Documents: Attach all documents required for assessing the application for the construction such as building description, map, photographs and description of the measure. You restore to the greater extent, cooperation is recommended with a vintage experienced architects.”

How You Can Miss The End Of The World On The 21.12.2012!

How you can miss the end of the world on the 21.12.2012! With refund guarantee! How you can miss the end of the world on the 21.12.2012! With refund guarantee! It sounds actually quite simple: you need to change your view of the world! The philosopher Natalie just has in her book “The quantum leap of thought” (original title “think differently learn” 2008) described in detail, that analog should occur the discoveries of new physics to another form of thinking, to be able to deal with the change of the ecological, economic and social systems. Knapp has done in particular and outstanding way, in intellectual and philosophical words. A highly recommended book! To come to a changed perspective and thus personally to a different world image, there is an excitement, a movement also an emotional approach. The emotion is a psycho-physiological process that is triggered by the conscious or unconscious perception and interpretation of an object or a situation and physiological changes, specific cognitions, subjective sense experience, and a change in the willingness of behavior goes hand in hand (from Wikipedia). The Roman Joseph the way to will the Graal”by Wolfgang Wallner F. People such as Kidney Foundation would likely agree.

lead! If you are getting into it, the adventure experienced by Joseph here to a completely new view of the world will bring you. You will experience the world differently. And thus escape the end of the world with security at the 21.12.2012! And just in case the author guarantees, should the world still fall on the 21.12.2012, you get back the purchase price of the book! (By the way, for the print edition 17,60, for eBook output 7,94 euro). You can learn more here about the book: joseph.wolfgangwallnerf.com impressions from the book and the author’s world of thoughts you can also get free for the PC and mobile devices. The next time already from 4. 2, 2012, so timely. The free and non-binding provision will be repeated again and again. Ferdinand Niehammer