Ricoh Germany Donates 10,000 Euros To The German Child Protection

German children welfare association and Ricoh Germany at the beginning of the cooperation between the German child protection and Ricoh Germany Uwe Jungk, CEO of Ricoh Germany on December 22 handed over a symbolic cheque of 10,000 euros to Christian Briesen, head of communication at the German child protection. The donation supports the local associations of the German child protection Association at the sites of Ricoh Germany in Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Hanover, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Munich, Stuttgart and near the town of Radolfzell. The money flows completely into concrete projects of local associations. Thus, the important local work of the German child protection Federation is supported. Together with Ricoh Germany we will vote together with the various local unions, which specific projects require financial support”, says Christian Briesen. Uwe Jungk added: Ricoh Germany is very important commitment for children in Germany. When our donation to the German children welfare association, we know that She directly benefit the children and will be invested wisely and sustainably.” The German children welfare association is the largest Association of children protection in Germany and as a non-profit organization on donations, to make children fit for the future. A goal of the German child protection association is a good quality and free education and care system.

Homework help and support disadvantaged children is a key activity of the nationwide child protection work. The chapters to actively implement the right to equality of opportunity and education, which is enshrined in the UN says into practice. Other priorities of the German child protection Federation are child poverty, the protection of children from violence and children’s rights. Donation account SEB AG account 1953 BLZ 250 101 11 Member of German joint Welfare Association German Child Welfare Association Bundesverband e.V. contact: Paula Honkanen-Schoberth Schoneberger str. 15 10963 Berlin Tel (030) 21 48 09-20 fax (030) 21 48 09-99 email Ricoh Germany in the short profile the Ricoh Germany GmbH with its headquarters in Hannover, Germany is a leading solution provider for digital office communication, production printing and company-wide printing and document management.

The portfolio includes hardware and software solutions, production printing solutions, professional services and support services and industry-related business consulting (office consulting services) with the aim of cost and process optimization. Ricoh Germany is a subsidiary of the Japanese player Ricoh Global. The Ricoh Group is with over 108.500 employees (Status: March 2009) a leading global technology company. In Germany, has a Ricoh approximately 2,000 employees and operates in addition to its main management nationwide with ten business & service centers. Contacts: press contact Ricoh Germany Tobias Poschl phone: 0511 / 6742 2517 fax: 0511 / 6742 264 cell: 0160 / 703 4 583 E-Mail: villages/partner communications company mbH Arnulf str. 33, 40545 Dusseldorf contact: Maike Rose Tel.: 0211 / 5230133 fax: 0211 / 5230130

Cinergetic Sport

For the lovers of the cinegetic sport, the environs of Poplars are prodigal in diverse classes of pieces of hunting like deer white tail, wild boar, dove, quail, ducks and less abundant others. The fishing can be practiced in the Cuchujaqui stream or the prey of the Moczari, on the way to Navojoa, where it is possible to capture lobina, catfish and mojarra. Poplars it counts on all the services: banks, powerboat, pharmacies, hielera, excellent hotels and restaurants, where the sensation is lived to be very far from century XX. Old and prepared for the needs of an increasing tourism. There are also motels, where the lack of ” estrellas” that they announce his category, is replaced with the human treatment and the proverbial courtesy of the sonorenses. All the necessary one to turn to this city of long ago into a forced destiny of visit. History the population of Poplars began to form in the last third of century XVII, as a result of the discovery of minerals of silver of Promontories, the Customs, the Goats, the Quintera and others of smaller importance.

The City of Poplars was founded the 8 of December of 1682, by merit of Domingo Tern of the Rivers. From his foundation it showed an evident prosperity constituting itself in just a short time, like the most important city of the northwest, as much by his population as by his economic, political, social and cultural development of the time. it called to him originally Real of the Clean Conception of Los Alamos and also Real of the Friars. The importance of its mines determined the establishment of an assay house that formed shortly after 1690, Don Juan Rescuing. During long years Gobernador of the province of Sinaloa was seat of a general lieutenant, in 1769 also settled an office superior of Property. Poplars had their first city council in 1814.

To the passage of time one became the most important city of the United Provinces of the West, reason why the 24 of November of 1827 were declared State Capital of the West. It was therefore first that obtained this rank legally, by Decree of the 19 of January of 1828 sent by the Legislature of the State of the West; having lasted until March of 1831 in that the separation of the Sinaloa and Sonora states was verified. The region of Poplars, that belonged until then to the province of Sinaloa, was annexed to the state of Sonant to express request of its city council and its neighbors. Due to its geographic position and to his economic and social importance, Poplars was scene of diverse military events, related to the defense of the national sovereignty towards 1865 and to the Mexican Revolution at the beginning of Century XX. During century XIX it was party head. In 1865, by decree of Archduke Maximiliano of Austria, the Imperial department of Poplars was created. Towards aims of century XIX district head was, including/understanding the New municipalities of Poplars, Mines, Customs, Macoyahui, Conicarit, Camoa, Navojoa, Promontories, Batacosa, Quiriego, Baroyeca, Tepahui, Rosary, Nuri, Movas and Ro Chico. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger does not necessarily agree. Many of these municipalities have been suppressed and the first five comprise of the present jurisdiction of the Municipality of Poplars.

Educational Difficulties

Originary of an extremely humble family, whose ancestral to run away from the hunger and misery that pursued the northeasterns, if they establish in sop of the Mountain range of the Meruoca in search of a better life. Jose STENIO Snows GAMELEIRA, was born in the year of 1964 when the country breathed revolution airs. The composed family of 13 people migra for Sobral in work search and education. The Plague of Measles takes the life of 5 brothers.

The parents (Its Joozinho and Dona Mariinha) that they developed typical activities of the agricultural life if they adaptam the new reality. The father starts to work in a barber’s shop and mother in a confectionery, being objectified only the survival of the offspring. To the 5 years of age he learns to read and to write with a teacher layperson, in a classroom that functioned in one casebre of adobe in the street where it liveed. To the 7 years he enters the public school. He starts to work with 11 years as selling. He concludes the studies in the public school with 17 years of age. To the 18 years he is approved in 3 vestibular contests and some public competitions.

He graduates yourself Pedagogia Philosophy. It worked as public officer during 8 years until asking for resignation to take new routes in the life. For 1985 return, to the 22 years of age, it creates the FATEC – College of Christian Theology that offered free courses of theology and philosophy. With the promulgation of the New LDB in 1996, it extinguishes the FATEC in the year of 1999 to create the FAEDI – Foundation Assistencial, Cultural and Educational of the Ibiapaba, mantenedora entity of the FACIB – College of the Ibiapaba, institution that represents until today, although the great difficulties that face to take ahead its ideal to serve. Currently it has if dedicated to defend the interests of the FAEDI and the institutions that it keeps, for believing that it is possible to fight for a cause joust. Many are the difficulties, natural situation for a customary individual to the adversities that the life reserves and the difficulties that the society imposes a man whose genealogy is formed of simple people.

Stanley Kubric Clockwork Orange

I’ve only seen two Haneke films and they should not be the best-known. The other day a friend could not resist Funny Games. Actually I also pass that bad seeing her. However, hinted at when you find yourself before a great movie, a movie that you will mark, even for his scenes of psychological violence. The look of one of the protagonists, the sadistic young golfer who enters the House of a marriage that is going to spend their holidays by the Lake, is not forgotten. Even that evil character allows the audacity to ask the audience what believe their acts. The thing smells bad when Sidekick insists that the woman of the House you eggs that supposedly prompted the neighbor, well, paints bad because when apparently accidentally throws the mobile at the sink. The woman begins to mosques are.

What so rare twink, should think. Poor Lady, over her husband is fishing in the Lake with his son. After all fires quickly, they kill the dog with a golf club, they take the House, they intimidate the woman and when the husband returns, also hit him with the stick. These guys are about macarro, but about macarro of elegant appearance, dressed as golfers, dressed rather seem a few posh, Yes, some children of Pope. And up to the leader of the duo has an innocent face. Then, confess to their prisoners who take drugs, that has always been drugged, who are sick of the head, which, logically, frightens more victims. With huge similarities with Stanley Kubric Clockwork Orange and also Peckimpack straw dogs, Haneke is separated from them in the apparent calm with which everything happens.

And the White Ribbon, German director returns to psychological terrorism, although this time focuses the story in a village and there are more speakers, the atmosphere is less claustrophobic, perhaps, but violence late everywhere. One does not forget nor to certain characters like the Pastor or Doctor, or certain phrases, as why don’t you die?, that tells the doctor the midwife. Fortunately There is also another kind of moral or other forms of acting as the teacher of the village, which gives everyone a lesson of humility, kindness and education. Anyway, I have seen two films of Michael Haneke and I already made the idea of how your film can be.


During transcorrer of the period of its adolescence until if becoming an adult it was common-sense of the familiar educational moralizante duty that said high more in its heart preventing any type of abrupt attitude and rough of its part its mother stops with its distinct Sr, and an affectionate feeling happened of deepest I do not summon of it of its being. Test this is the fact of that, when nourishing all a refractory feeling come from its familiar seio, one you see if marrying, 1 person in if to become the target of the collected insatisfaes of this process is the poor person of its mother-in-law, who without having nothing to see with this history finishes receiving all happened rebordosa from a past controverted molded in a relationship of purely superficial familiar respect of its part stops with the lover and distinct Sr its mother. Let us take to finish, by means of the context of this study, a basic example of this important fact, in the book of Rute.1: 6-9,14-16 ' ' When Noemi knew in Moabe comes that you in assists of its people, giving to it food, decided to come back with its two daughters-in-law toward its land. Thus it, with its two daughters-in-law, left of the place where she had mulberry. While they came back toward the land of Jud, Noemi said to them: ' ' They go! They return for the house of its mothers! It uses that you of benevolence with vocs, as vocs they had used of benevolence with the deceaseds and me. It grants to you that each one of vocs finds security in the home of another one marido' ' , then it gave farewell kisses to them and them they had started to cry high. Later orphan it gave a kiss of farewell in its mother-in-law, more Rute was with it.

How To Behave In A Registry Office

Institution, which serves only to process various documents and the name is dry, the more it is – an abbreviation, but the full name does not sound better (civil registration). "What can be in the usual grand entry in a document "- so they thought officials, and years in the 50 marriage registration was formal and dull. And it was still an echo of the 20s the 30s, when implanted negative attitude towards the family, because Communists called the family of the past. But times have changed, the family became a "cell of society" and the weddings have been paying more attention to: registration began to hold solemn ceremony came up, the newlyweds were congratulations, and for this purpose in the big cities even built palaces of marriage, but elements of customary institutions are often viewed until now. I want to talk about service photo and video shooting in the registry office, persistently, and often peremptorily, the proposed groom to the bride. Coming to the aforesaid institution, the young immediately come to stoechke with different covers for a marriage certificate, this is where they hire a local, and persuaded photographer and videographer with him, although sometimes on video footage of the question, in Moscow on a video shoot all the pairs, and then offering to buy the disc. These services are offered so that the guys just feel to come: "there can not be you do not, your photographer and videographer – homegrown amateurs only, we are professionals! ". As a result, the photo and video guys often seem constrained, gripped, not knowing in whose lens to look, then, is coming out of the registrar, realize that money is wasted.

Very few couples are firmly aware of their rights and not pay attention to this kind of attitude. The first thing I want to say the newlyweds – it's your party, your event, and you here the main, only you decide who you will take (after all, is not known where may be your photo or video). You paid money for the registration and paperwork, and you must provide only those services, and in your special day you can claim for themselves, at least, respect. Registry office – the state agency, the staffing has no photographer or videographer, photo and video to provide third-party registrar organization or individual that payment for these services are not receiving registrar. But interest in his employees, still exists. Which can only guess. I also want to say, if you someone Naham, then this person has a problem, Away from his side, be above it, keep yourself worthy! Your lucky day, one of the happiest in his life ahead – a long life with your loved one! And this – the main thing! Sincerely, Alexander Kotsur.


Swimming against the tide for me means to try to establish the counterculture of solidarity, i.e. According to Oscar Jara, critical culture that builds in conflict with the dominant culture, based on real life and reflection and conclusions on specific events. According to sociologist Rafael Diaz-Salazar, solidarity is the moral construction built on three dynamics: 1) the compassionate feeling that leads us to be ones for others. (2) Attitude of recognition that calls us to live with each other, giving and receiving one another. (3) The value of universalization that impels us to do for each other. Solidarity means a radical change in the way we humans behave. Solidarity is linked to justice and cannot be solidarity without justice. Joaquin Garcia Roca says that solidarity has to show its authenticity in the realization of Justice toward every human being, in the fight against the unjust structures and the commitment by the construction of a more just society.

Solidarity is an alternative to a society based on inequality and unfair distribution of wealth. Today is consumed a la carte solidarity. Too often there has been solidarity as a spectacle that masks the social, political and economic problems of Fund, provoking emotional reactions, without critical analysis of reality. As said Ignacio de Senillosa, has imposed an epidermal solidarity in which explodes the artery that goes from the heart to the portfolio. The counterculture of the solidarity should have aimed transform the dominant of thinking, feeling and acting modes.

Ignacio Ramonet argues that today it is very intimidating to not think like everyone else. Swimming against the tide is to establish the counterculture of solidarity as meeting places in the foreground to beneficiaries of the solidarity actions, whose personal or collective situation we do ours. In this way, we apply the principle of the Roman philosopher Terence man I am and me is nothing human alien, for many the basic principle of solidarity. Solidarity as encounter becomes a transformative, radical attitude because it goes to the causes of the problems. Transforming solidarity represents the experience of encountering the world of pain and injustice and not stay indifferent. The reality so inhumane that surrounds us also means the ability to think and analyze, as objectively as possible. Maria Teresa de Febrer PROSALUS original author and source of the article.

Iran People

Action of solidarity with political prisoners in the Iran on from July 1-31 the information portal reported since April 2009 wallpapers from culture, politics and society in the Iran. For two years now, organized conferences in Europe, that deal with diversity in the Iran and brings peaceful ways for a future of self-determination and freedom for the people of Iran to the language again. In an online action that parallel is accompanied by street actions across Europe, from 1-31 July 2011 represents political prisoners in the Iran and European activists. The street actions are inspired by the International Organization for the protection of human rights in the Iran and being part of groups such as Amnesty International solidarity groups with the grieving mothers of Laleh Park in Tehran, United 4 Iran or code e.V. Check out Nieman Foundation for additional information. supported or carried out alone. At the street actions are addressed hundreds of pedestrians and passers-by on the situation in the Iran and a photo of her face asked. This action started on July 1 in Hanover, Germany, on 2 July in Hamburg, and on 3 July in Berlin.

So, after many cities across Europe will be witness to and participant in the action. All poster, created from the collected photos, appear on the blog faceforhriran, on, on facebook, and can be seen also from the Iran on Persian-language Web pages. Faces of resistance in the Iran. Daily alternately over a period of 31 days of the month of July a portrait of imprisoned opposition men and women with a short description will be respectively. In addition a man or a woman from Germany by a short portrait agree solidarity. Always, there is a poem or music related to Iran. This action be built bridges between prisoners in Iran and people who draw attention to these prisoners and the situation in the Iran in Germany.

The 31 detainees are representative of all political prisoners in the Iran. The 31 activists represent symbolically the many activists worldwide, the disinterested voice the Bring persecuted in the Iran in the Western countries public hearing. The action is not the identification of individuals and their achievements. There are examples of solidarity to each other support in terms of human rights, self-determination and positive development examples of a growing concern around the world. It is an appeal to all dedicated to be more vigilant. Through the music and the poetry, the action is a tribute to freedom, self-determination, and solidarity worldwide. Once a political prisoner, who was arrested in the Iran as a teenager, he was interested in philosophy said: “the impression of becoming a forgotten was the worst in jail. The best part was the discovery that strangers were interested in us.” Helmut N. fork

Sonia Azcueta Coordinator

Hello to all my friends the painters, sculptors, poets and musicians. Day 4 closed the exhibition in the Palace of Benacazon Toledo. He had already promised I give you news but I preferred to wait for this closing to do so. I hope that all have photos of the event and the room and patio where have been exposed, if you you lack one, do I know to send them. From now! I’m going Envoy your houses catalogues so that you make them.

If any want to lead it I any in particular you do I know. Have a little patience please! Well as you’ve seen the place to show off the works it’s been the best. Lots of light and lots of culture of the past and also an exhibition admirably well configured by Vicente Herrero Caceres, placed to each work that lucia for its own beauty without interfering with the other. Luis responsible for the Palace of Bencazon – soul solidarity with us, for his affection, support and affection shown I thank you and my affection – continued his address and between the two they left the resplendent beauty room. It was one of those magical and unique exhibitions very difficult to combine today given the social circumstances. Did us so knowing Luis, commented as they had ever had in the Palace, nothing seemed but there were the artists of solidarity to show that we can unite, not only to help solve disasters if not for join our art based on a necessity, the show that we are able to separate our individuality and style to form part of a whole that I think is what you need our mercantilist society. A radical change to make art and culture a purpose everyday of our lives. The inauguration since comment you. I have asked Sonia Azcueta Coordinator of the project be and say that together with the other component of municipality and culture they have sponsored and subsidized this exhibition make me get letters of thanks of the distinct personalities, but it seems that it may not be.

Young Education

We mention men and women to it who had lived and live situation-limits in which the infancy time was, usually, time of work and sustenance of the families. Also we speak of adults who had tried many times to come back to the school, but the assistematicidade of the programs of alfabetizao and education for adults in Brazil became them hostages of a logic that, during decades, made of these thematic speeches politician income-producing and detached from real commitment. (Moll, 2004, p.11) the history of the Young Education of Adult has its life marked for some factors between them, the great index of illiteracy, one of the reasons of this great index is so only the great expression of the poverty, the few chances to enter a school when child, inevitable consequence of a social and unjust structure. You may find Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to be a useful source of information. Thus the education of adults is conditional to the possibilities of a real transformation of the conditions of life of the pupil-worker. It would be difficult to fight satisfactorily these causes without a method I specify come back toward this modality for this, became necessary to create some programs with an only importantssimo end, to fight this vast index. At the beginning of the decade of 80, the context of the democratization made possible the magnifying of the activities directed toward the Education of Young Adults. If you have read about Nieman Foundation already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Educators students and politicians had organized themselves in defense of the public and gratuitous school for all. In 29 of October of 1989 in the city council of So Paulo more specifically in the decade of 90 Movement of Alfabetizao de Jovens occurs the great inauguration of Program MOVA-SP (and Adultos of So Paulo, the launching had the great participation of some Popular Movements of the City of So Paulo. The success of a program of Young Education of Adult is facilitated when the educator is proper the half one. David Delrahim contains valuable tech resources.