Los Alamos National Laboratory

Attempts to explain the "gravitational anomaly" identified in the motion of the most distant man-made celestial bodies, lead to the need for a fundamental review of the principles of celestial mechanics. A group of scientists from the laboratory Jet Propulsion (JPL) in Pasadena, Calif., and Los Alamos National Laboratory, led by John D. Anderson (John D. Anderson) was able to show that the anomalies in the motion of the spacecraft can have serious implications for classical mechanics. Beginning in 1970 in selecting routes for spacecraft widely used so-called "swing maneuvers" in the gravitational field of massive planets allows us to give apparatus further impetus and thereby substantially reduce the time of flight and increase the weight of the machine.

For the first time such a class of maneuvers was used in the so-called "Great Tour" when the research probes Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 and Voyager 1 and Voyager-2 "received an additional impetus to the passage near the most massive planets in the solar system – Jupiter and Saturn. This allowed them to develop a speed sufficient to ensure to leave the solar system. In recent years, gravitational maneuvers were used, in particular, the probe "Cassini". Using a gravity assist in the massive planets proved successful and allowed for the first time in the history of humanity not only to conduct a survey of the giant planets, but also to send vehicles beyond the solar system in general. However, the motion of the probe soon began to be observed puzzling anomaly.

It turned out that probes lose speed noticeably faster than it should have from the equations of celestial mechanics, whose validity is recognized and the classical and relativistic physics. Anomalous behavior can be interpreted as acceleration toward the Sun acting on the probe. For the first time the effect of this unexplained effect was found in the movement are most distant from Earth probes Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11. Calculations show that this acceleration amounts to 8.74 + / -1.33 x10-8 cm/s2. Its the same can also be interpreted as an acceleration of the time. Repeated attempts to explain the strange effect of design features themselves devices – such as the expiration of gases – have been unsuccessful. It has been suggested that the observed anomalies are associated with systematic error, but to prove it, no one has. Furthermore, recent studies show that this effect to a greater or lesser extent characteristic not only of "Pioneers" and "Voyager", but also to other spacecraft, performing maneuvers in the gravitational field of planets. Perhaps, the observed discrepancies with the theory due to the gravitational influence substance which has not yet been able to find other ways and conventionally designated as the "dark matter". You may need a radical revision of the postulates of celestial mechanics. The group of Dr. Anderson was able to show that gravity anomaly "Pioneers" is associated with swing-maneuver the perfect machines. Moreover – that at least three staff who have committed gravitational maneuver in the Earth's field, little changed their energy in a geocentric system passing near the Earth, which, according to the basics of mechanics, can not be in principle. This applies to the probes Galileo-I, near, Rosetta, and probably also probes Cassini and Messenger. According to the authors, the new results suggest the possible presence of weak and has not yet been described effects in energy transfer during the gravitational interaction of two bodies. And if this is true, "gravity anomaly Pioneers "can suddenly jeopardize seemingly unshakeable foundations of classical mechanics.

United States Green

Technical requirements in this part of the rather rigid. People such as Center For Responsible Lending would likely agree. Yet even without these requirements of half the people send photos of the principle of “well, that I have, then I send.” “What I have – this photo from your camera cell phone, with different binge-drinking and picnics, photos full length in his underwear and without it, family photos, photo background of nature and sightseeing. Particularly memorable hot Caucasian send a photo in which there were four not very clean-shaven face, celebrating something for dinner table, and obviously gonna sing something lyrical. Until still not clear who among the four wanted to emigrate to the United States to participate in the Green Card Lottery requires a passport photo of the type, but much more carefully prepared. all: head tilt, the expression person, photo sizes, the size of a person in the photograph, and many other aspects. Believe me, without the skills of professional work in Photoshop, a photo for the visa lottery green card to prepare not. 2.

Difficulty transfer. Although the registration application form green card is very simple, but the field for the commission errors are nearly endless. With free registration to correctly fill out everything in English and only on him. Here and the difficulties begin. Name and surname.

Well, if you hand an international passport where name filled in Latin alphabet. But a significant proportion of candidates from the cis have on hand only national passport and rely only on their knowledge of transliteration rules, often very modest means balances the curriculum in English. It turns out that Alexander in fact results in a large number of options – Alexandr, Alexander, Aleksader, Alex, Aleks, and so on. Inconsistencies in the geography. In the Green Card system, there are several legal concepts related to geography. Country of birth, place of residence, the state from the territory of which the participant applies to participate. Often, people confused, and the result is disqualification. Family members. Quite an important moment in the registration is true that all data about her husband and children, the main participants in the lottery. Sometimes with an error by filling a single field, Registration is completely without family members, which ultimately leads to many problems. To summarize, the registration to participate in the Green Card – a serious work that requires due diligence and knowledge of all regulations and laws. Not in vain a winning percentage of residency in the U.S. among the participants who used the services of professional recorders, much higher than those of independent candidates.

The Hope

The CEM opening, for these purposes, the Library “Dr. Hugo Pesce” in an environment that was behind the Casino of Students and was under the stewardship of Mr. Basilio, in this place began sales of the copies, which was remarkably successful, as it had been in Lima, Mr. Lopez arrived with his books and sold in one day, the lord this is returned to Lima and then to wait until a new sale, but the demand was massive and we decided to buy consignments of books and we sell them every day but the manager was Juan Jose Cruz Venegas, leader of the CEM. One night in the first sales, when they were running the same, in the place mentioned, two men entered with revolver in hand to attack, they were hooded and went directly against the one with the silver, which was Mr. Read additional details here: Boy Scouts of America. Lopez , beaten with karate chops and took all the silver, also beat the Comrade leader Marco Cieza and the undersigned, Juan Tafur was there, took a few minutes before, after this assault, sales were always day, for besides that Mr. Lopez was beaten near his Chincha, another night, he was about to board the bus that would take him back to Lima, where CEM offices, provided we received anonymous calls threatening us, even death, if they were still selling copies …

Where Do I Get Credit In The Short Term ?

Many of us have times in difficult situations, wondering: 'Where do I get credit in a short time? " It seems that unless you can complain about the lack of banks, which represent different versions of lending. And at the same time is first carefully examine all proposals and not rush for a loan to a nearby bank. Get a loan urgently the easiest two ways: by filling out a credit card consumer credit; What is the advantage and disadvantages each of these ways? First, they vary a lot for lending. When you register a credit card bank employees do not you the purposes for which you needed a loan, it is on borrowed money, you plan to acquire. But the majority of consumer loans have strictly designated purpose. Be prepared for the fact that filling in the banking application form, you will see it click 'purpose of obtaining credit. " When considering a person who wants to get a loan, bank security officials unequivocally ask the question: 'What is the purpose takes the specified form the desired amount of the loan?'.

Secondly, the difference in time. Consumer Loan Bank issued on a strictly-agreed period of time (it can be from 3 months to 5 years). The loan agreement ends as soon as the exhaust period. The loan, which gives the card, the term has not. The Bank has the right to suspend credit card only for the borrower to meet the retirement age. Perpetuity for the borrower a credit card is an undeniable advantage. Because when the need arises immediately obtain the following loan, the borrower does not need to re-pass through the test, which performs the office of the bank's security. Thirdly, the difference lies in the scheme of taking a loan repayment.

By law, consumer credit borrower repay each month equal to the sum of the payments. Liabilities on a credit card is extinguished, mainly as follows: The minimum monthly payment and accrued interest. Fourth, the maximum amount of credit. On consumer credit loans from a banking institution the borrower has the right to take the sum up to 1 million rubles. Credit card borrower will be able to take the maximum credit equal to three monthly salaries it. Fifth, free period is only a credit card. But despite this, the credit card is not free for its owner. Any bank sets an annual fee for the content of the card. What a way to elect the credit – up to you. Credit for 1 hour to obtain might, but give it will require significantly more time. Therefore, before you go for a loan to the bank, reasonably priced their financial capabilities.

Hurricane Katrina

Hubbert peak theory An oil production curve, as originally suggested M. King Hubbert in 1956. Global production peak as Hubbert. According to ASPO would have been a delay of about 10 years compared to Hubbert’s original estimates. The Hubbert peak theory, also known as peak oil, peak oil or oil depletion, is an influential theory about the rate of long-term depletion of oil and other fossil fuels. He predicts that world oil production will reach its peak and then decline as fast as it grew, highlighting the fact that the limiting factor for oil extraction is the energy required and no economic cost. Yet still controversial, this theory is widely accepted among the scientific community and the oil industry.The debate centers on whether there will be a peak oil but when it will happen, since it is clear that oil is a finite and nonrenewable short time scales so that at one time or another will reach the limit of extraction . This depends on the possible discovery of new reserves, increasing efficiency of existing fields, deep extraction or exploitation of new forms of unconventional oil. The exact year of peak can not be determined until it has happened. Based on current production data, the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas (ASPO in English), believes that peak oil will occur in 2010, the natural gas some years later. On the contrary, more optimistic estimates show reserves for at least 100 years.This implies important consequences for developed countries, which rely heavily on cheap oil and abundant, especially for transportation, agriculture, chemical industry and domestic heating. The theory is named after the geophysicist M. King Hubbert, who correctly predicted the peak of U.S. production with fifteen years in advance. Much of the oil industry and automobile claims that Hubbert’s theory is false or, at least, the ignored and hidden. Some critics Economists say the shortages motivate the search for new discoveries and that stocks will rise above what Hubbert predicted. But even in the more optimistic the limitation of oil resources puts a deadline on the cheap extraction of that resource. Nobody seems to deny the existence of a production ceiling but few governments and companies so far have mentioned openly.Among these include the American multinational ChevronTexaco who have launched recently, the ad campaign to educate the American public of the need to act before the impending oil depletion. Also recently the Spanish multinational Repsol-YPF has spoken publicly at a conference of the issue using the same graphics of ASPO. The arrival of the peak of extraction suggests a bleak future in which mankind will have to survive without the main source of energy that has made it grow and prosper throughout the twentieth century. Supertanker AbQaid A growing number of experts believe the peak of production, in fact, has already arrived. After Hurricane Katrina, admitted that Saudi Arabia can not increase production to ease the crisis by losses in production and refining suffered in the Gulf of Mexico. Many think that this is the start of the final crisis of oil.Final because it will last and that will require adjustments and make the biggest cuts in consumption as never done before. But the crisis is not confined to oil. Natural gas is also in thepast in many places and peak production will not happen long after the oil. Still, it is expected that in the absence of these resources to start exploiting the methane deposits in coal seams.

Success To The Successful

What is the relationship he establishes with each other? What are the consequences of this in the performance of people? Of course there is also a combination of variables so that the expectation is realized, a treatment that is consistent with expectations. Peter Senge in his book “The Fifth Discipline” explains a prototype system called “Success to the Successful,” which shows how some employees may be more easily promoted than others. Let’s see if this sounds familiar. A manager has two candidates, for some reason the expectations of one of the two begin to fall and the other receives preferential treatment, while this affects the self-assessment of both employees. The relationship changes and resources begin to be higher for the favorite. A more successful more support. Conclusion: someone is at a disadvantage and without resources, your boss has staked everything on their preferred candidate, who eventually did well, doing better. I remember a lecture by Jim Selman, an American coach who laid the foundation for coaching training in Argentina, asked as he addressed the audience: Where do you think is the possibility that the person receiving coaching is?, Referring their potential and immediately replied: – In the eyes of Coach. Then to my surprise by the convergence of the theories, I found that Lacan, one of the most influential psychoanalyst after Freud, he said something similar in their developments on the mirror stage: we can understand and live our whole from the embedded image that others will return to us.


All of us in this life want to be financially free, to buy whatever he wants and not look at the prices in shops. All we want to have a luxury home, a decent car, relaxing on the best resorts give kids a decent education, etc. The Wish List is endless. But it is not always our desire to coincide with our opportunities. Many of us are wondering: "Will I be able to hang on to paycheck? Buy or not to buy any expensive thing? At that and go on holiday this year? Where to get money to train the child to school? ". Dr. Neal Barnard often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Sound familiar? But, in fact, there are people whom these issues are absolutely not concerned. And not because they do not have these problems. Just for they do not view the problem. I'm not talking about those who made his fortune in any illegal way, received an inheritance, win the lottery, etc. We are talking about ordinary people like you and me. These people are successful because that we could understand something important, something we can not understand. They were able to answer the question: "What prevents me to become rich?" Unfortunately, I can not give you a specific recipe for wealth, since this recipe does not exist in nature. I I can only point out the reasons that many of us to prevent the start to provide yourself and your loved ones a decent future. This is the reason – the stereotypes ingrained in our consciousness.

Who We Are

Knowing oneself is one of the great challenges of a person’s life. Really, this task is not easy to carry out. A good part of our life can move us to get to know ourselves only in part. We are able to get to know us in full? My answer is no, and I’ll explain why. We are born and we develop based by genetic, biological, social and cultural conditions, relatives spent an educational process in our childhood and, this, certainly will determine in large part our skills as adults. But this, is because at this stage in our lives we are much more predisposed to learn, which does not mean that we cannot do so at more advanced ages. Our brain brain is in constant change.

The particles that form our brain today are not the same that tomorrow or not will be in the same place, and this happens with all our body. Therefore, physically never are equal, although at some level we are not able to perceive it and these particles is encargen establish a set or appropriate group, keeping us as something physically stable. The interesting thing, is that the connections that sets our brain – that determine everything about us – also found in constant change. Thus, in our appearance not physical are also constantly changing. We are a flow of constant change. Our personality personality is a very important aspect of ourselves, because our mental health is closely linked to our physical health. And I think that it is an important work in the life of every human being to get the best out of ourselves in this aspect, as we are a very social beings by nature. And if we work our way to be improving every aspect of our person, this will have their reward in the face to the social world in which we live: If we succeed in it, directly obtain two of the most important needs of everyone: love and money.

And indirectly, we can also achieve good health. Since, in these three big needs, if one of them fails, the other two are affected. There are certain bad habits that we foster throughout our lives; bad habits that can span from the behavior until dress. Traditionally, the role of parents and friends is to reinforce the belief that we are good as we are, that we do not need to change. But it is not enough to be ourselves. We have to be the best version of ourselves. And that’s not always easy, especially when you don’t even know who you are. Neil Strauss. The conclusion that I draw from this passage is that each one decides who be. To modify, for example, our reaction to something, first we must know in detail why we have that reaction, and what is the cause. The physical world and our physical self has its limitations. But our brain and our mind, our mental and psychological, plane has no limits. And how we can come to know the complete something that is infinite? Written in arteCG.