Torrential Rains

THE STAFF OF THE MIST M Rotate music with open eyes, like a melancholy longing fish the river forgotten. Look at the music from inside calcining the rest of soul that still remains enigmatic on the staff, where they embrace all notes to launch the poetic journey of seeing the sky suddenly furious Download fulminant, slipping through your walls pink by the eruption , emptying the pond slowly exudes a honey millennial desolate. A bee weaves a destination of parallel lines. The fate proposes a path nosy blurred by the fog between your flight and silence. Silence of shifting walls that fall finding your right.

INTO ETERNITY Kissing the simple outline of the lonely cry kiss until the silence shattering the slow agony, musical. Kissing the lips murmur embedded on the damp breath of light, kiss the concerns of renewed desire for subtle movements. Taste liquid stigma decryption stories where there are abandoned old kisses the light touch of passion stolen a story without memories. Kissing the calm water of your memory to make up songs to awaken the invincible furious kiss, light, always mild, smooth again, like a little cocoon of sun. Kiss, kiss and kiss again always kiss the illusion of the field planted with roots timid where circulating ungerminated even kisses. Kiss and kiss again without pause, without respite kiss your invisible body of natural fibers extracted from a faraway forest where they grow virgin kisses love cultivated by people using simple tools like a simple kiss. Refuge seeking the secret marches depleted field where they say, still soaked melodies are set for a kiss. THE BRIDGE NEAR U n pitcher sweat your footprint shows the relative neglect of an unknown woman.

The path blurs the lines there will be no sadness. The joyful transformation of the flower comes walking slowly. Just pulled a strange letter written in another language. I understand the message.

Green Weddings

All the weddings imply a great organization, it always arises more details from those than one can imagine and if they are of the type of people with brings back to consciousness ecological can be even more estresante. Perhaps to organize a green wedding, can mean an additional cost but this effort for the environment will fill to you of satisfaction and can be of good augury for your marriage. What better decoration than the nature! , the beach, a farm, a botanical garden or a national park are places that do not require of flowers or adornments so that they shine incredibly. In order to avoid the use of as much paper them invitations and to save trees send your invitations by email, this separate one will save money enough, another idea is to make a page cybernetics in which you maintain to your guests to the day of the preparations, some change, suggested clothes and others, also are places where they print invitations to you in papers better recyclings or even, you yourself you can use these materials and do them you yourself giving loose rein to your creativity. In all the weddings always something like memory is #***aed-refl mng that later finishes in the being used sweepings instead of, an excellent idea is something organic and alive like little trees, seeds, bulbs or flowers.

Also you can give to a reminder food like chocolates. He is preferable to use set of dishes to the excess of sweepings that would produce plates and disposable places setting final y S.A. exceeded part of the banquet, you can donate the surpluses to a refuge of destitute. Details can be found by clicking David Bershad or emailing the administrator. Elije a dress of fianc2ee done with natural fibers and tries to use flowers of the local markets, not only you will reduce the fuel emissions by the transportation, but you would support the horticulturists of your community. In aim if you want separate that your desire to take care of the environment extends your guests I propose to you that instead of table of gifts you support the plantation of a forest and that each guest pays so that a tree seeds itself.

Goals Success

You do not depend don’t mention it nor on anybody to secure your success. It thinks that already you have all the necessary one to prevail and to obtain what you want. Independent Vulvete, believes at any moment in you and you ignore the toxic losers of negative mentality that they only poison to you with envy, hopelessness and disappointment. To the misery it likes to be accompanied aljate of them. NonSubjects To Fracaso.

Each failure is only like probarte the clothes of the success. Each opportunity to be successful entails the possibility of undergoing a failure. It learns of your errors and of your failures it re-invents and concntrate in your probabilities of prevailing. It believes In You. You are worth what you think that bonds. Atrvete to know your potential and the true value your abilities. It dates account from which you are a very special individual with limitless capacities for the health, the wealth, the happiness, the love, the success, the prosperity and the money. You do not leave nobody says the opposite to you Never! Ponte Metas.

It establishes what you want to obtain in the life and ponte I put realists to obtain it. It determines what must become for the profit of your goals and you formulate plans for his accomplishment. Mantn a registry of your activities and your profits modifying your activities until your goals have been realised. It visualizes Your Goals. It uses your imagination and it visualizes each of your goals with luxury of details, imagines as it is seen, as one feels, smells, it knows and it sounds it involves all the senses and it realises a detailed description of how the success to the obtained salary feels this goal. Same Visualzate obtaining this goal and mantn that vision in your mind of constant way, thinks that you can obtain this goal and that you will do therefore it.

United States World

In the long run, who ends up consuming all the sweepings is the nature while the humanity continues putting its changes of habits pending to leave the recession first and to sustain the growth of the economy later. But what means growth of the economy, those two or three percent that obsesses to the entire world, of North to the South and This the West? The world is convinced that it is in a terrible crisis. But the world always was in crisis. Now it is defined as world-wide crisis because (1) it comes and it affects the economy of richest; (2) the simplified paradigm of the development has radiated its hysteria to the rest of the world, having remained to him legitimacy. But in the United States the people continue flooding the stores and the restaurants and their cuts never arrive at the hunger, even in the gravity of million workers without work. In ours peripheral countries a crisis means children in the street asking alms. In the United States a little usually means consumers less consuming while they wait for the next check of the government.

In order to leave that crises, the specialists express the brain and the solution is always the same: to increase the consumption. Ironically, to increase to the consumption rendering to him to common people its own money through the great private banks that receive the rescuing aid of the government. It is not only tried to save some banks, but, mainly, to save an ideology and a culture that do not survive in case single but on the basis of frequent ad hoc injections: financial stimuli, wars that drive the industry and control the popular participation, drugs and diversions that stimulate, tranquilize and anaesthetise in the name of the communal property. We will have really left the crisis when the world retakes a growth of the five percent by means of the stimulus of the consumption in the rich countries? We will not be preparing the next crisis, human a real crisis and an ecological and not artificial crisis like which we have today? We will really occur account that this one is not really a crisis but only one warning, that is to say, one opportunity to change our habits? Every day is a crisis because every day we chose a way. But there are crises that are a one long way crusis and other that are critics because, as much for pressed as for opresores it means one double possibility: the confirmation of a system or its destruction.

Until now it has been first by lack of alternatives to second. But never it is necessary to underestimate to history. Nobody would never have anticipated an alternative to the medieval feudalism or the system of slavery. Or almost nobody. The history of the last millenia demonstrates that the utopian ones used to anticipate it with exaggerated precision. But like today, the utopian ones always have had bad fame. Because it is the ridicule and the loss of prestige the form that each dominant system has always had to avoid the proliferation of people with too much imagination.